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  This is a new feature that I accidentally stumbled across while searching the web.  It will take effect soon, hopefully, and thus provide me with my own chat room!

  To enter, select a username and nickname.  E-mail is optional.  As for the channel, enter: #dragonspot .


  A few rules to put in place...

  1.  If you can do it at the Dragonspot forums, then you can do it here.

  2.  If you CAN'T do it at the Dragonspot forums, then ya can't do it here.

  3.  No cussing, unless for 'erotic effect'. ^_-

  4.  Don't pull the 'million messages a minute' thing.  Not funny.

  5.  Be nice to everyone.  No flaming or harassing.

  6.  Don't put '-admin-' in front of your name, unless I said you could be an administrator.  -_-;

  7.  Advertisers (users whose sole goal on the chat is to endorse something) will be kicked out.  That doesn't mean you can't advertise, say, you or your friend's website.  That's okay, as long as that's not ALL you're doing!

  8.  If you want to RP with somebody, click on their nickname in the bar to open a private message and do it there.  RPs on the main channel are only allowed if multiple people are involved.  ^_-  (Unless you can figure out how to do a multi-person private message...)

  9.  Mind the administrators, if they show up.   They have '-admin-' after their nickname, so they're easy to notice.  (Right now, I'm the only administrator.)

  10.  Have fun and don't afraid to yiff, eat others, or otherwise enjoy someone else as long as you have their agreement first!  ^_-


  Let's go nuts...  =P

This chat application requires Java support.
This chat also available via IRC at:
irc:// Get your own Free Chat Rooms

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