Livingston Overseas Shipping & Transit

At Livingston Overseas Shipping & Transport we understand why you came to us, and rest assured, we have the shipping catastrophe to suit every need! From a simple shipping dock accident to warehouse fires and even trainwrecks, we stop at nothing to keep your package from never reaching its final destination!

We pride ourself on having one of the most incompetant and hard to deal with customer service departments in the shipping business today. With impossible to complete shipping documents and unreliable telephone connections and a all-new "never loading" live chat applet we have the right tools to piss-off even the most patient lads.
To further our logistic solutions, Soon we will be offering "Livingston Air Express" - or, "LAX" - an all-new international express delivery service designed to further reinforce our delivery reputation!

Using LOST or LAX is easy, just  CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS and we'll take care of the rest, of course we can provide you with updates if you desire, just include your contact information - be sure to let your consignee know that they can keep track of the shipment via our website or don' really won't matter the package will not get there regardless!
Remember, when you need to ship a package, you need to get LOST!