Little River Rabbitry


[Watching] means that I am watching the development of the bunny and will wait to make a decision. I can either choose to keep the bunny, or sell it. Not all for sale rabbits go straight to the sale page because I do have a waiting list. You can e-mail me at to ask to be placed on the waiting list. You will need to include the color, gender, and use (pet, brood, show) of the rabbit you are looking for.


 [Keeping] means that I plan on keeping the bunny. I can and do change my mind, so there is always a chance the bunny might become available. If you are interested in any bunny, whether it be for sale or not, it doesn't hurt to ask if I'd willing to part with it.


[Available] means the rabbit will be available to be purchased and can go to it's new home once it is of age. You can contact me any questions you may have about the rabbit.




 Queen of Hearts (Broken Chestnut) x Cardiology (Black Otter) DOB March 27th

 Two babies, a chestnut and a broken blue otter charlie.



 Bijou (Broken Chinchilla) x Cardiology (Black Otter) DOB March 26th

 One baby, a broken chestnut.



Anthem (Broken Squirrel) x (Broken Chestnut) DOB March 15th

 Three babies. A broken chestnut, a broken squirrel, and a broken blue charlie.