Little River Rabbitry

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 Sales Policy

All sales are final. That means no refunds, exchanges, or returns unless it is by my discretion. I guarantee the rabbit will be healthy when leaving my hands, but cannot garauntee any health of the rabbit once it has left my possession. It is the buyer's responsibility for checking the rabbit over and asking any questions they need answered. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold rabbits for any length of time once the rabbit is of age to be re-homed. Deposits are required and need to be received within 3 days of time agreement is made to hold the rabbit, or it will immediately be available to the next person. Deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of the rabbit. Rabbits not being held by a deposit will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We are working with very limited cage space, so do not like holding on to rabbits for long periods of time.  In the unfortunate event that something happens to the rabbit you placed a deposit on, we will replace it with a comparable rabbit or refund your deposit.

 I will NOT hold rabbits unless prearranged and accompanied by the deposit.  Cost of holding rabbits is $5 per week per rabbit paid in full up front with the deposit.  Board is non refundable.  I am working with a limited amount of space, and may not always have space available.

We can ship rabbits and I can also take them to shows I am attending, or send them with people that will be attending certain shows. In some cases, I can meet places near my area as long as it is reasonable. Sometimes a gas fee might be charged, but I will tell you that up front before other details are worked out.

Payment methods:
I accept cash in person and sometimes money orders. I can also accept Paypal at a cost of 4% entire amount to be Paypal' ed additional to cover the fee charged to us to use Paypal. NO CHECKS PLEASE!
I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief any rabbit I sell is healthy and free of disease.  All rabbits are sold with up to date pedigrees (Unless otherwise stated).  We make no guarantees of any kind, including, but not limited to, how juniors will develop or how any rabbit will place at a show.  We accept no liability for the health of the animal once the rabbit has left our care.  It is the buyers responsibility to check every animal carefully before purchase (or ask any and all questions if shipping).

I reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason. (:

Purchase of any animal or sending of any money is acceptance of my sales policy.



E-mail to see who else is becoming available, or if you do not see what you are looking for. 


*Note: All rabbits sold/marked as pets do not include a pedigree. If you would like to purchase a pedigree, it is an additional $15, and even though all are from pedigreed stock, some pets are not applicable for pedigrees since they are not meant for breeding. If you do not see what you are looking for be sure to check the nursery page, that is where the upcoming available babies will be posted.


 Little River's Boston

 Black Otter Junior Buck


 Sire: Amazing's Cequel (Chestnut)
 Dam: Tanglewoods Bobbie (Broken Black)
 DOB: July 17th, 2013




 Little River's  

 Black Otter Senior Doe


  Sire: Amazing's Cequel (Chestnut)

 Dam: Tanglewoods Bobbie (Broken Black)

 DOB: July 17th, 2013





 Little River's LR6 

 Blue Otter Senior Doe


  Sire: Amazing's Cequel (Chestnut)

 Dam: Little River's Emerald (Chinchilla)

 DOB: April 7th, 2013




 Little River's Feodora

 Chinchilla Senior Doe



 Sire: Tanglewoods Billy (Broken Black Otter)

 Dam: Banana Belt Bunnyz Adelaide (Chinchilla)

 DOB: May 18th, 2013




  Little River's Rillia


Broken Chinchilla Senior Doe




Sire: Jensen's Billy (Chinchilla)

Dam: Little River's Allia (Broken Black Otter) 4 GC Legs





 Little River's Belles

 Chestnut Senior Doe

  3 GC Legs




  Sire: Little River's Pugsley (Chinchilla)

 Dam: Little River's Jingle Belle (Charlie Chestnut)

 DOB: May 24th, 2012 




 Little River's Gemstone

Opal Senior Doe



Sire: Amazing's Cequel (Chestnut)

Dam: Little River's Emerald (Chinchilla)

DOB: April 7th, 2013

Little River's ShadowBear

Black Senior Doe

1 GC Leg for BOSB 




  Sire: Tanglewoods Benny (Black Otter)

 Dam: Little River's BlackBear (Self Chinchilla)

 DOB: April 25th, 2013




 Little River's Pink Lady

Broken Chestnut Senior Doe


  Sire: Little River's Cadbury (Broken Chestnut)

 Dam: Tanglewoods Gala (Broken Blue)

 DOB: April 12th, 2013

 Little River's #1 FOR SALE

 Black Otter Junior Doe


  Sire: Amazing's Cequel (Chestnut)

 Dam: Tanglewoods Bobbie (Broken Black)

 DOB: July 17th, 2013