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Choosing the best route to success

The Driving Standards Agency states that most people need around 40 hours tuition from an approved driving instructor, and about 20 hours private pratice with a relative or friend.

Obviously like everything this can vary from individual to individual. 

Whether you end up having 30 or 50 hours of lessons or even more, the most important end result is that you are a confident, courteous and  SAFE driver. 

So when you decide to learn to drive, plan ahead and realise you are committing yourself to at least 40 hours tuition. 

Think about:

  • When do I want to pass by, do you have a deadline or special aim to pass by a special occasion or say your 18th Birthday.
  • How many lessons do you think you will need, are you a complete novice, or have you had lessons before, and maybe only need a few lessons to iron out any problems.
  • Will I be able to practise with a relative or friend.  ( This chosen person would have to have had their full driving licence for more than 3 years, be 21 years or over, be fully insured for a learner driver and the road worthy car fitted with L-plates back and front).
  • Do you want lessons once a week or a couple a week.  Maybe a mini-intensive course one day a week, would suit you better.  Perhaps you can only have lessons at the weekend.
  • Or you cannot wait and want to take on a intensive course, and be the first to pass!
  • Are you able to pay in advance and benefit from reduced lesson prices or would you prefer pay as you go basis.
  • You may just want some refresher lessons, to get you back into the swing of driving if you've let your skills lapse for a while.

You are assured of quality tuition on a 'one to one' basis, offering advice, support and help to ensure that you reach the necessary standard of driving to pass your driving test, and achieve safe driving for life.  Lessons will be designed to run at your pace, and to cover your individual needs.  A  log book of your progress will be presented to you at the beginning of your first lesson.  This will show everything that will need to be covered in the cirriculum, and will be updated at the end of each lesson, with your progress.  This will enable you to clearly understand what lies ahead in the forthcoming lessons, which is something that most people like to know and find helpful.


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