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Magnificent Seven

Fan Fiction Page

b    All in a Good Day's Con - OW

b  A Dream that can never Be - OW

b Baby, It's Cold Outside - OW

b  Evil Mutant Nazi Squirrels of Death - ATF

b Fate's Manacles - OW

b Four For Vengeance - OW

b    Heart's Remembrance - OW

b It Rhymes With Pain - ATF

b Let's Play Charades - ATF

b Night Shift - ATF

b Rapture - OW

b The Restaurant - OW

b Samantha's Tale - OW

b State of Grace - ATF

b The Surprise Party - ATF


Co-written Fics


b A Candle in the Sun (OW) w/Amy

b Jagged Corners of Love (OW) w/Ruby

b Kiss Them Goodbye (OW)   w/Ruby

b Last Bridge Home (OW)  w/Ruby

b A Magnificent Seven Halloween Tale (OW) w/Ruby

b Perditions Redemption (OW)  w/Ruby

b Thin Dark Line (OW) w/Ruby

b Wild as the Wind (ATF) w/Ruby