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A team of highly motivated and skilled TSA Agents have teamed up with ATF Team Seven in Denver to create a new task force, whose sworn duty is to detect and confiscate weapons, explosives and other contraband on the nation's transportation system for the safety of our country.

*Last Updated December 10, 2008*




In everyone's life a little rain must fall, but for the latest arrivals to Four Corners it seems their lives has have been plagued with torrential downpours. Can the Seven help these women escape their horrid past, renew their faith in men and learn to open their hearts again?

*Last Updated February 2, 2010*




The Curse of a Gypsy King imprisons the seven peacekeepers in the pages of a book for 130 years. Now, in present day New Orleans, seven descendants of the original gypsy have inherited the book and are determined to set the lawmen free. Can seven present day women rescue and right the wrongs done to the Magnificent Seven?

*Last Updated April 7, 2010*




The Caribbean Sea... the 17th century…a group of seven men.  Seven pirates lead the crew of the ship called the Seven Deadly Sins through the dangerous waters of the Caribbean. They are outlaws, fighting the British rule over the islands. These men seek adventure and wealth, but above all they want to remain free.

*Last Updated April 8, 2010*




The LRB ranch for children in foster care is run by the men of the Magnificent Seven during the middle of the Depression Era.  These little ones bring out the big hearts in these tough men as their ladies try to smooth the remaining rough edges.

*Last Updated July 24, 2007*




Follow the Magnificent Seven peacekeepers in their original Old West setting as they face new adventures and form special relationships with a trio of unique ladies, each with her own dark past.

*Last Updated February 2, 2010*




Destiny leads the Seven to team up with two former ATF agents that run survival tours in the heart of the Rockies along the Arkansas River.  Come with us on this wild adventure as these men and women learn why fate has drawn them to this little ranch and each other.  Along the way they discover themselves, the price of living with regrets and survival of the heart.

*Last Updated February 2, 2010*




The year is 1259 in the High Middle ages of England and Lord Orin of Travis has just been crowned King. To assist the pope in his pursuit of Christianity through the crusades, King Orin is proposing to create an elite Military Order of Knights bound to the chivalric code. To amass the best warriors, he's sent word throughout Europe, and the rest of the Christian world, of the ultimate tournament – a competition of military expertise in which the Knights of the Four Corners will be chosen.

*Last Updated April 7, 2010*




The Magnificent Seven's destinies did not end with their deaths, for death was only the beginning. Set in present day New Orleans, the Seven have been undead for over a century. They've made it their personal crusade to keep peace, not only between the vampire clans, but also to see to it that humans and vampires learn to coexist with one another. As a vampire's powers grow, so does their bloodlust. Prophecy claims that only a Master of his clan may take a human servant, one who will stand beside them for all eternity and help the vampire to control his insatiable need for human blood. Come along as these seven Master vampires search for their soul mates, all the while battling their enemies who stand for everything the Seven are against.

*Last Updated February 4, 2010*




The Magnificent Seven heroes are hunters of all things evil. The date is 1876 and the place is New Orleans. They operate under the direction of Abraham van Helsing from a riverside plantation called 'The Sanctuary'.  In a race against time and several clans of Vampyre, the Seven are in search of the Book of Vishanti for the secret of immortality itself.

*Last Updated February 2, 2010*




Can the Seven lawmen capture the notorious Amazon Gang, a group of ruthless thieves, and rehabilitate them back into society? It will be a test of wits, strength and hearts. Set in the Old West town of Four Corners.

*Last Updated February 4, 2010*


*Coming Soon - TimeWarp*


They've written about them, dreamed about them, but never expected to meet the characters of their fantasies.  Four friends gather in Benson Arizona at the Mescal movie set because of a common interest in The Magnificent Seven TV series and to fuel their muses for their fan fiction hobbies.  A decision to camp out in the 'saloon' overnight sets up their fate.  Midnight, a violent storm and a rift in time sends them back to the old west and the fictional town of Four Corners




The Magnificent Seven men have been moved through time and space into a present day alternative universe as a surveillance team for the Four Corners Palace Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.  From their high tech suite of rooms, they are the eyes and ears of the gambling action, looking for card-counting cheaters, costly streaks of random luck and rival casinos stealing their high rolling players.  With this group of security men, no heart is safe.

*Last Updated July 24, 2007*


Disclaimer:  The Magnificent Seven and all related characters and concepts are owned by The Mirish group, CBS, Trilogy, and MGM.  No copyright infringement is intended.  No profit is being made.  This is a fan site, purely for entertainment purposes.


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