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 The Seven Go Seussical

by Lisa

The sun shone down bright.

It was dusty and dry.

The town was too quiet

And no one knew why.


They sat, leaned and stood.

Each watched with keen eyes

For something to happen;

Some trouble to arise.


The leader in black,

Cheroot in his hand,

He sat and he waited

For a ruckus unplanned.


All was too calm.

It did not fit.

Chris did not like it,

Not one little bit.


He signaled the tracker

With nary a word.

Just a look and a nod

That could not be heard.


The tracker, he shifted

From railing to post

And searched the street

For man, beast or ghost.


He looked left and then right,

Searched from rooftop to gutter.

This feeling was like

Lickin’ a knife with no butter.


A star and a bowler

The young sheriff wore.

His eyes suddenly drawn

To Mrs. Potter’s store.


“Look there”, he said.

“Just look at that.

It looks like Bob Spikes

In his big sissy hat!”


The ladies man looked up

And smiled very smugly.

Bob was filthy and bald,

And Buck hated ugly.


He grinned his sly grin

And winked his rogue wink.

He called Spikes a coward

And backed away from his stink.


The gambler brushed lint

From his lavish red coat.

He narrowed his eyes

And then cleared his throat.


“What is your business?”

He drawled with a dimple.

“Abscond and be gone!

It is really quite simple.”


“What do you want?”

The large preacher stood.

“You are not welcome.

Your kind is no good.”


Then Top Hat Bob,

As he was well known,

Waved to the seven

And said with a moan.


“I need a doctor.

I tell you the truth.

It hurts so bad.

Please pull my tooth!”


They all turned to Nathan

With a smirk and a smile.

The healer did not enjoy

Treating someone so vile.


“Watch out”, said Vin.

“For a fate worse than death.

Good ole Bob

Has dead animal breath.”


The pretty barmaid

Pulled the string from her hair.

“Here, use this,” said Inez.

“For this unpleasant affair.”


The healer, he smiled

And took the silken thread.

He threw one end to Bob

And chuckled as he said.


“Tie this to your tooth

And I will pull it out.

Please have no fear.

Do not have any doubt.”


“I have done this before.

I have done this well.

And from this far away

I will not smell your smell.”


Bob took the string.

He tied a small noose

And hoped that the doc

Could pull his tooth loose.


Nathan, he tugged

And pulled with his might.

The tooth did not budge.

This could take all night.


One by one they all came,

To help their kind friend.

The seven lined up,

Josiah at the end.


They yanked and they yanked

With all of their weight.

They tugged and they heaved,

All six behind Nate.


It happened quite suddenly.

There was no time to beware.

There was a small ‘pop’.

And the tooth sailed in the air.


The lawmen went sprawling

In one dusty heap.

Ezra was livid.

His clothes were not cheap.


Bob tumbled back,

His balance thrown off.

The Marshal plunged into

The nearest horse trough.


Grinning quite broadly,

Spikes said with relief,

“Thank you so much,

I can now eat corned beef.”


He skipped down the street

And into the bar.

The town’s people gaped

At this site, so bizarre.


The seven returned

To their original places.

They stood, sat and leaned

With expressionless faces.


The sun shone down bright.

It was dusty and dry.

The town was too quiet

And no one knew why.

~The End~