My dearest friend,

 Long ago, we were called Kingdom of Sanquine. We were not known for our army nor for it's trade, our land was merely sheltered upon a large precipice East of the ocean, and not many could reach the Kingdom's walls. The people were at peace and protected by the stone that rose to the clouds, or at least that is what the legend tells. But like all great things, the peace came to an end. it is quite a shame how quickly gold can alter a man's loyalty and in a secluded kingdom, it shattered everything they had worked so hard for. 


A spy revealed to a grave enemy the only path to reach the kingdom. Knowing there wasn't any possible way to train more soldiers and acquire more weapons in such short notice, the King laid the responsibility to save his people upon his own shoulders.


He traveled to a place where no man ever dared go, for fear of the creature that lurked within. No one quite knows what occurred that day, as it was never written in ink or sketched onto pages. He returned to the castle where he offered his people a gift. One that would become their salvation. The King shared his bite with his kingdom, and a tragic ending it was when he, himself, did not survive the war. As time progressed on, the humans gave our species a name. Something that they could call us when stories where told in the darkest of nights. Lycanthrope.


Now you may think that you know what we are, but please do not assume. we were not always evil as the legends portray our kind. Allow me to straighten out the myths that many have twisted. Lycanthropes do not need a moon to shift, nor do they have an insatiable urge to howl. I do believe this tale rooted from how we were created. Through bite. Yes, our lives are unusually long, yet old age can still bring brittleness to our bones and wrinkling to our skin, for it is a very plausible death.


Humans fear the unknown. Therefore, they fear us. Lunae has long been hidden from the knowledge of humans, but I fear that too will come to an end, and I hope I am not here to see it unfold.


Much love,

Cressida, Queen of Lunae.

T H E  K I N G D O M

THE KINGDOM OF Lunae was once known as Sanguine but when their King returned with the ability to change into a wolf, he renamed his kingdom "Regnum Lunae" as a tribute to the moon. Their symbol is a wolf wrapped around a woman, the woman representing the moon goddess, Luna. Lunae resides on a cliff. A long bridge separates it from the other lands and that is the only way to reach the kingdom. The main castle has a Gothic appearance, similar to the village that rests below it, but it is watched by guards due to the royal family and other high ranking individuals living inside. The outer village is where citizens and the common people often live with a few exceptions of farmers or servants. This is also where merchants, artisans, and blacksmiths often set up shop to sell their goods.

T H E  R E L I G I O N

THE KINGDOM BELIEVES in Luna, the moon goddess and Vukodlak, her loyal protector. It is said that when a Lycanthrope dies, he will join them both and his fate will be decided: to dwell peacefully in the afterlife or be thrown into the dark pits of Topheth. A common phrase is "may She run with you" which roughly conveys "be safe" or "good luck." It is an affectionate and often intimate saying between those that reside within Lunae. The citizens will pray to the moon goddess for luck, love, and often for their families or significant others. To pray to Vukodlak is for reasons of war, justice, and protection.