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World Tour 2004-2005   

Myanmar (Burma)

         19.02.2005 - 19.03.2005

         29 days
         Bike (980 km) & Train & Steamboat
& Bus & Plane


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MYANMAR Part 1: Yangon to Pegu, Mandalay to Pyin-Oo-Lwin and Hsipaw

MYANMAR Part 2: Mandalay to Monywa and Pakokku, Bagan, Sale to Pyay and back to Yangon

05.03.2005 Myanmar


Greetings from Mandalay, where I finally found internet access!

2 weeks have passed since I arrived in Myanmar and by now I have got used to the change from frenetic India: here towns are less chaotic and people shyer. Everybody smiles spontaneously on the streets, which puts me in a great mood!

Men and women dress in longyi (sarongs tied at the waist) and the faces of women and kids are painted with thanaka, which gives a unique touch to this fantastic land. Unlike some of its neighbouring countries, being closed to the rest of the world preserved Burmese culture and habits. Maybe this is the only positive aspect of the unjust and repressive military regime that expresses itself in self-celebrative propaganda around the country.

The hot season has begun and during the last week I have looked for fresher air on the Shan mountains, East of Mandalay.  I particularly liked the town of Pyin-Oo-Lwin, which was an English hill station. Here the atmosphere is relaxed, colonial villas and pagodas are scattered in the green and strawberries are the sweetest I have ever tasted....

Click here for the first Myanmar pictures

19.03.2005 - Myanmar: The Golden Land


My second fortnight in Myanmar, I went from Mandalay back South, stopping in Monywa, Bagan and Pyay on the way to Yangon.

In Bagan, the attraction No.1 for all visitors to Burma, I cycled in the heat and on the sand, without being able to cover the whole archeological zone in 3 days: there are thousands of pagodas and temples in the area.

In Sale, which doesn't have any guesthouses, I had to spend the night at a Buddhist nunnery: in Myanmar the locals are forbidden to invite any foreigners overnight. I could hardly sleep at all: the light stayed on all night, the heat was incredible and the cockroaches creeping on my legs kept waking me up! Since I was sleeping on the floor of the main room, at 4 AM I had finally the pleasure to hear the novices chanting their morning prayers (rather screaming them) a couple of metres away from my mosquito net...

From here I boarded the old ferry to Pyay, on the Irawaddy River. I spent 3 relaxing days among onion sacks and Burmese passengers, transporting local goods to Pyay or smaller villages on the way there.
On the boat people cook, sleep, wash, take a bath (with water pumped from the river),... In the morning the women like to smoke cigars; after taking a bath they pulverize thanakha roots on the stones and smear their faces and arms with it.
At night, if the boat stops in the countryside, people chat and sing songs until it's time to unlace the mosquito nets.

Click here for the latest pics of Myanmar

        A big Thank You to Myanmar Airways International (MAI)
        for transporting me in all comfort
        together with my bike and luggage from Delhi to Yangon 
        and then further to Bangkok!


MYANMAR Part 1: Yangon to Pegu, Mandalay to Pyin-Oo-Lwin and Hsipaw

MYANMAR Part 2: Mandalay to Monywa and Pakokku, Bagan, Sale to Pyay and back to Yangon

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