Effective Planning Procedure

Achieving Goals - Vision Quest
- For effective planning we have to determine what our true goals are. That will tell us what direction to go with our lives. If we don't know our true goals, we don't know what direction to go in and we can't achieve our goals.
__#1. Ideal Day Exercise
- Write down every essential thing that would happen in your ideal routine day that doesn't already happen: where you'd be - what area/s, state, country, or climate; what your most important possessions would be; who'd be with you; what main things you'd be doing from the time you get up till you go back to bed; and who you'd do them with, or with what kind,s of person,s.
__#2. True Goals
- These essential elements of your ideal day are your true goals. To be sure a goal is your true goal, ask yourself if you'd be happy if you attained that goal right now. If it wouldn't make you happy, rethink your true goal by referring to your ideal day and ask again if the new target or goal would really make you happy. If that doesn't work, write a list of 20 things you like and see if you think any of those things would make you happy. Select all that would seem to make you happy as your true goal,s.
__#3. Flow-Chart Calendar
- To build a path to your true goal, decide on a series of steps, which are subgoals, by asking about each goal or subgoal what needs to be done first in order to achieve the goal or subgoal. The answer must be a doable action and each answer will be a preceding step.
- Write the goal at the bottom of a page and write each preceding step above the goal or above the subsequent step. Check to make sure each step is in chronological order.
- When the flowchart is complete, assign reasonable dates to each step, or subgoal, at the beginning of each line, to make your calendar.
__#4. Problems Solutions List
- For each step that you don't know how to accomplish, write an explanation of your problem on a Problems Solutions List. For each problem on the list ask people with experience for possible solutions. Or participate in an Idea Party, such as at http://www.barbarasher.com/boards , and ask participants for possible solutions. Write down all the suggestions on a separate page, the Suggestions List, then pick your favorites and add those as solutions on your Problems Solutions List. If a solution doesn't work out, go back to the Suggestions List for other possible solutions.
- For emotional problems complain privately or throw a safe tantrum to help overcome fears etc. Also, ask a buddy to accompany you in uncomfortable situations.
__#5. Morale Support
Ask someone to be your reminder. Give the person a list of your plans for the week & decide together what days & times you need calls as reminders on important plans. You may be that person's reminder too. The reminder may also accompany you for certain actions that you're nervous about doing alone.

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