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Brookwood Hall

Location: East Islip 

Built: 1903

Built for: Harry K. Knapp


Rooms: 41

Acres: 100+

Guided Tours: No

Brookwood Hall was built in 1903 for Harry K. Knapp. This is one of the more obscure mansions on Long Island. It is a Georgian Revival design located in East Islip. I thought I would feature it here because it is definitely one of the lesser known estates.  The original entrance was off of Montauk Highway where the entrance gates still stand. The main feature of the property is the lake. It's hard to know what the original landscaping was like due to years of neglect and there is very little information available about this place.

While not the most elaborate or glamorous house, it does have some interesting features. The front entrance is the most decorative detail. I find the large window to the right of the entrance very interesting. It gives the whole place an eerie impression. Of all the houses, this one would make the best haunted mansion. It doesn't appear to be a big house from the front, but looking from the lake side it looks huge. Of course being that it's on a hill helps. There is a portico on the back corner that was probably very nice back in the day. You can still see a path between the trees that would've framed a great view of the lake when sitting on the portico. Unfortunately, there is now a horrible structure that sits between the columns.

It is now being used as The Islip Art Museum and could really use a lot of TLC. The interiors are all, but obscured by the renovations and museum. The only areas that give an idea of what the original house was like are the main hall, staircase and stair hall, and what was probably the study., and There is a baseball field on the property as well as tennis courts, a little playground and picnic benches. It's very relaxing to just sit along the lake and watch the birds. There is also a carriage house that is utilized by the art museum. 

It's a shame, but this place is literally going to pieces. The cornice at the roof line looks like it's about to come down and the corbels are falling off. 




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