Lily's Rabbit Hole

Quality Mini Rex, Micro Rex, Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop rabbits with Dwarf Velour Lops in development.

  Farewell from Lily's Rabbithole


     We have bred, raised, trained, and showed rabbits over a period of forty plus years and have enjoyed the experience immensely - just as much as we have enjoyed educating new rabbit owners on the care and needs of rabbits. Developing new breeds of rabbits and new varieties of existing breeds has also been a passion of ours for much of that time. This type of genetic endeavor had taken up most of our energy and cage space alike but it was a wonderful ride, and we wouldn't have had it any other way. But, as much as it saddens us, as life moves us forward we are rolling with the changes and have decided it is time to close the rabbitry.

      We have sold all of our breeding stock to other rabbit breeders and have included contact information on our breed pages, as well as here, so that you may still be able to purchase Harlequin variety Netherland Dwarf rabbits, Blue Eyed White show quality Mini Rex, Micro Rex or Dwarf Astrex, and Holland Lop rabbits.

Thanks to everyone who brought home a bunny from Lily's Rabbithole! It has been such a sincere pleasure meeting you all!

Pedigrees for rabbits that were bred in our rabbitry will still be available for purchase for a small fee of $10 and will sent electronically in pdf format. Please send email inquiries to us which include the breed, color, and ear number so that we may locate the correct pedigree - and include 'pedigree' in the subject line. Thank you!

Last updated 5/22/15

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