Pilgrim Route

Poems by Ashok Niyogi
Cover Art by Robert Kitay

Lily Press proudly presents the newest chapbook.  Chapbooks are offered for download in PDF format (Adobe Reader required - click on the link below to install a free Adobe Reader). 

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Also Available from Lily Press
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Poems by Jeffrey Calhoun
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Poems by Carolyn Adams
Sign Language (and Other Hand Signals), Poems by Lisa Prince
But Mostly, Simple Precautions, Poems by Maurice Oliver
The Grammarian and Other Poems, a Chapbook by Christian Ward
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All of This and Nothing, Poems by Christopher Major
Days of Reckoning, Poems by Rosemarie Crisafi
A Scheduled Departure, Poems by Patricia Gomes
Crickets Don't Sing the Blues, Poems by K.A. M'Lady
The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup, Poems by Alex Stolis

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