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September, 2011

Nothing Miraculous in Any First Meal

     Poem by Kelli Allen. Photo by Constance M. Tucker

The Reemergence of the Noose

     Poem by Patricia Smith. Photo by Jill Burhans

Aluminum (Al) St. Crispin Sleeps Alone at Night

     Poem by Michaela A. Gabriel. Photo by Jill Burhans.

Every Time

     Poem by Jude Goodwin. Photo by Jill Burhans.

Sense of Place

     Poem by Justin Vicari. Photo by Ira Joel Haber.

A future Author in Plateau Migration

     Poem by by Annie Bien. Photo by Günther Bedson.

"I Wish Every Writer Could See Their Words Suddenly Take on Heat and Pulse."

     An Interview with Poet Patricia Smith.

And Then She Owns You

     Poem by Patricia Smith. Photo by Kees Terberg.

Love is too dear a coin to spare

     Poem by Risa Denenberg. Photo by Ira Joel Haber.

Just Add Wings

     Poem by Cindy Rinne. Photo by Kees Terberg.

Moving Day for Brain Man

     Poem by Mark Prudowsky. Photo by Kees Terberg.

Looking for Bodies
     Poem by Patricia Smith. Photo by Michaela Gabriel.

Prayer to the Peripheral

     Poem by J.P. Dancing Bear. Photo by Kees Terberg.

     Poem by Elisa Karbin. Photo by Michaela Gabriel.


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