In this Issue:
In the grip of dirt
    Poem by Arisa White, Photo by David Chauvin


    Poem by Tim Kahl, Photo by Jill Burhans

"I had no idea what a thrill it would be..."
    An Interview with Writer & Editor, Shanna McNair

Zuihitsu on the lover who it might as well be spring

    Poem by Monica A. Hand, Photo by Henry Avignon

Circles in Crimson
    Poem by Maja Trochimczyk, Photo by Henry Avignon

What Nadia told them looking out over a sea of shoulders

    Poem by Lisa Gordon, Photo by Jill Burhans

"I Do It Because It Keeps Me Alive..."
    An Interview with Novelist, Elizabeth Brundage

A Stranger Like You

    An Excerpt from the Novel by Elizabeth Brundage

Poem for Tim Buckley's "Love from Room 109 at the Islander (on Pacific
 Coast Highway)"

    Poem by Daniel M. Shapiro, Photo by David Chauvin

Two Weeks in September

    Poem by Jane Blue, Photo by David Chauvin

    Poem by Luisa M. Giulianetti, Photo by Donna Vorreyer

Firsts Go On Forever

    Poem by Patricia Wallace Jones, Photo by Lois P. Jones



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