Poetry by J.R. Solonche • Photo by Kees Terberg

Fantasia on a Found Poem
(From a Popular Wedding Guide by Beverly Clark)

The first dance is for the bride and groom together,
on the dance floor by themselves.

The bride's father cuts in and dances with his daughter
while the groom asks the bride's mother to dance.

The groom's father cuts in and dances with the bride
while the bride's father cuts in on the groom to dance with his wife.
The groom then asks his mother to dance.

The bride dances with the best man and the groom
dances with the maid of honor.

The maid of honor dances with the worst man,
while the best man asks the maid of dishonor to dance.

The groom then dances with the horse.
If the horse cannot dance, the groom dances with a broom.

The groom's mother cuts in to dance with the worst man.

The bride's father cuts in to dance with the maid of dishonor.

Any plastic surgeon cuts in anywhere.

The bride's father and the groom's mother change partners
while the best man dances with the worst man
to the tune of Me and My Shadow.

The maid of honor and the maid of dishonor drink more
champagne and leave in a taxi taking two bottles with them.

The groom's sister asks the horse to dance.
The horse refuses.

The bride's mother dances with the bandleader.

The bride cuts in to dance with the bandleader
while the groom's sister dances with the trombone player.

The horse does a solo soft shoe.

The bride's cousin dances with the drummer while
the groom asks the youngest waitress to dance.

The bride and groom now start a conga line or the hora,
unless it's a mixed marriage in which case they do both.
Attendants and guests join in. Don't forget to make time
for another dance or two with the broom. Then return
to your tables to cut in the cake.

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