Volume 3, Issue 8   •   July, 2006


Memories of Fear and Love  - poetry by Richard Fein, photo by Sunny Williams

Fantasia on a Found Poem - poetry by J.R. Solonche, photo by Kees Terberg
Catching Up With Faith - poetry by Elizabeth Bruno, photo by Kees Terberg

First Day at the Domestic-Chronicle  - fiction by Ace Boggess, photo by Anndra Dubhacan

a man's guide to winning a woman's heart  - poetry by Michaela A. Gabriel, photo by Jill Burhans

Horses - poetry by Davide Trame, photo by Sunny Williams

Could You Please Move Your Shadow - fiction by Joel Van Noord, photo by Jill Burhans

Take, for instance, the surprise - poetry by Ed Higgins, photo by Anndra Dubhacan

Bonnifer - fiction by Fred Bubbers, photo by Anndra Dubhacan

Music Box - poetry by Clifford K. Watkins, Jr., photo by Sunny Williams

Needle Man Sticks Bat Girl - fiction by Ann Tinkham, photo by Kees Terberg

Four Solitudes - poetry by Bret Addison, photo by Jill Burhans

Memorabilia - poetry by Margarita Engle, photo by Kees Terberg

National Geographic - fiction by Paul Silverman, photo by Jill Burhans

Hill Country - poetry by Bret Addison, photo by Sunny Williams

Visiting - poetry by Robert Lietz, photo by Anndra Dubhacan

Lily Press: The Newest Chapbooks

A Scheduled Departure
Poems by
Patricia Gomes

Crickets Don't Sing the Blues
Poems by
K.A. M'Lady

Lily Press proudly presents the newest chapbooks.  Chapbooks are offered for download in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).  To find out which chapbooks have already been published, which are coming next, and to read all the particulars about Lily Press, go here.

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