Lill b'ees Baby Nursery

Reborns To Cherish Forever



Hi my Name's Linda burt. I am the Artist at Lill b'ees Reborn Baby Nursery. 

I live in Scotland with my  two boys, jamie amd stevie .

I came across Reborns on Ebay.  When I finished my first Reborn in december 2005  I was addicted and I couldnt wait to get started on my next. Please feel free to look around my site, where you can find pictures of my Reborn Babies who have already found there new mummys.

My Babies have been Adopted in USA, South Africa, Spain, Scotland and England. 

Please Mail me if you would like a custom order or if you have any questions. you can find me on facebook where i have all the pictures of my babies and my knitting.  lillbees reborn babies


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