Lifeboat Models

Model Lifeboats Built to Perform



 Sunday the 15th dawned bright and sunny, the complete opposite to the weather predicted earlier in the week, which I think had put some people off particularly the ones who had to travel. Never the less we still had boats from as far affield as Stockport, Derby, Leicester and of course a good turnout from all of the local clubs.


Models ranging from early sailing and pulling boats, right up to the latest All-Weather boats were on display, all built to an incredibly high standard a credit to their owners and builders. It was great to meet old friends from previous shows and welcome new ones, who hopefully will spread the word and will come again next year.




Harry Greene arrived with his Rother and a rather fine example of a triple expansion steam engine that he’s built. Though he refused to say which lifeboat he was going to fit it in.


Jerry Garner Arrived with his Brede and a prototype for a new class of lifeboat (I think its called a Duck class).


The atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back with no one under any pressure regarding judging of boats or steering competitions. It seems this is the formula that most people enjoy, ( particularly the guys who have the unenviable task of organising these events )  as it gives them plenty of time to run their boats on the water, discuss their projects and generally just sit around chatting with old and new friends in the superb surroundings of Himley park.


 The weather stayed fine all day with a light northerly wind, without which it would probably have been too hot for comfort.


 Rob Smiths Severns were again on display one demonstrating the self-righting Abilities of the modern all weather boats,

 and the other a model of the Falmouth boat the precision manoeuvring abilities of this superb model boat (much of which is down to the new powerful bow thruster Rob has designed and fitted). This year he was joined by another Severn model of the Holyhead Boat that’s nearing completion owned by Chris Guttridge from Stockport.

 Together they entertained the crowd with some pretty spectacular synchronized boat handling, and some quite scary high speed manoeuvres. (Some of these guys see no danger.) They were chased round for most of the time by a fine model of Holyhead’s previous boat an Arun class. Chris’s Boat was fitted with the most incredible new engine sound system that I have ever heard, to say it was just like the real thing really doesn’t do it justice.

 Robs Severn is now fitted with an onboard television camera in the wheel-house that transmits pictures back to a seven inch flat LCD screen (Powered by a battery belt) on his RC transmitter. If you have the courage you can drive the boat without actually being able to see it, a distinct advantage when the waterfront gets a little crowded.


John Owens’ ” Project Atlantic” is still continuing, albeit at a slower pace than he would like, but then he knew engineering 1/12 scale working outboard motors wasn’t going to be easy, but he seems to have solved most of the problems now and should be in production mode in the not too distant future. 

We had hoped to see John Saunders from Worcester, well known for his extensive knowledge on lifeboats. Unfortunately he was unable travel due to ill health. 

There was a superb floating harbour set up for any one who fancied trying some close quarter manoeuvring, it looked huge until there were two severns parked in it. The approaches to it were marked with an authentic buoyage system for the helmsmen who knew what they all meant.

 A most enjoyable day was had by all who attended, a few pounds were raised for the RNLI, and a few sets of batteries discharged.