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Season Review 2012/13

Singles Competition  12-5-2013 Quarter-Finals - Venue Argyll, 2pm start

Week 26, 9-5-2013 FINAL League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Windygates thrash Sunbeam 15-1 and confirm there third league title in a row, Brig win at home versus Douglas 11-5 but end as runner-up in the league, Den Inn draw at Buck'n'Hynd and end the season in third place, Molly Malones with six players lose 13-3 at Blazers, Central travel to Swan and with the score 9-1 to central they leave early, this has happened a few times with central, winning or losing away they leave early 9-7, Bayview are the only team to rise a place in the table this week after beating Railway 11-5 to swap places with them for 11th place.  

Sunday 5-May-2013 Doubles & 3 Man Team Final Results 

Week 25, 2-4-2013 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Buckhaven win at last this season with now one game to play in the league, they thumped Swan 13-3 at home, Argyll put up a fight versus Auld Hoose Windygates losing 9-7, Blazers travel to Railway with 6 players so were 4 down at the start somehow managed to take all the points after winning 9-7, Douglas win 11-5 versus Buck'n'Hynd, Den Inn thump Central 14-2, Molly Malones lead 4-0 but lose 6-10 to Brig, Sunbeam v Bayview ends in a draw.

Week 24, 18-4-2013 League Table and Results updated - Argyll win both points at Bayview 9-7, Auld Hoose Windygates thrash Auld Hoose Buckhaven 15-1, Den Inn lose 2 frames at Swan, Douglas win at Central 10-6, Buck'n'Hynd draw with Molly Malones, Brig win all the frames versus Railway, Sunbeam leading 8-6 at Blazers then protested.

Week 23, 11-4-2013 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Buckhaven win there 100th frame of the season but lose 10-6 to Bayview Bar, 7 Man Blazers draw at Argyll, Sunbeam lose at home to Brig 10-6, Railway draw with Buck'n'Hynd, Molly Malones draw from being 6-2 down at home to Cenrtral, Douglas lose at home to Den 12-4, Swan win a frame versus Auld Hoose Windygates 15-1.   

100 Ball Final 6-4-13 - Played in the Brig Tavern, Auld Hoose Windygates 100 Argyll Bar 52 

Competitions Final Venues

Week 22, 4-4-2013 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Windygates win 15-1 at Bayview Bar, Den Inn win at home to Molly Malones 10-6, Central Sneak a home win versus Railway 9-7, Blazers become the 4rth team to win more than 200 frames this season after winning 12-4 versus Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Brig win 10-6 versus Argyll, Sunbeam win at Buck'n'Hynd 10-6, Douglas Win 13-3 at Swan.  

100 Ball Finals, 28-3-2013 - Semi-Final Draw  & qualifiers.

March Meeting Information

Week 21, 21-3-2013 League Table and Results updated - Douglas Arms travel to Leven and were 6-0 down to Mollys but got a draw, Brig struggle to beat Auld Hoose Buckhaven winning 9-7, Railway lose to Den Inn 12-4, Bayview win 10-6 versus Swan, Auld Hoose Windygates beat Blazers 12-4, Argyll draw with Buck'n'Hynd, Sunbeam beat Central 11-5

Week 20, 7-3-2013 League Table and Results updated - The top of the table clash between Brig and Auld Hoose Windygates had the hoose 6-2 up at half-time eventually winning 10-6, Den Inn thrashed Sunbeam 13-3, Swan Hotel get a draw versus Molly Malones, Blazers were 3-1 up but lost two frames after potting the black by mistake, Bayview won 5 frames in a row to win 10-6, Central beat Argyll 10-6, Buck'n'Hynd 10-6 Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Douglas Arms win well versus Railway 13-3

Week 19, 28-2-2013 League Table and Results updated - Brig thrash Bayview 14-2, Auld Hoose Windygates win a close game versus Buck'n'Hynd 10-6, Den Inn win at Argyll 12-4, Sunbeam sneak a 9-7 over Douglas, Railway win well over Molly Malones 10-6, Blazers win 12-4 over Swan, Auld Hoose Buckhaven fail to win a point for the 19 fixture this season just failing against the Central after winning 7 frames for the 1st time this season 7-9. 

Captain / Vice Captain 1st Round Draw & qualifiers 20-Mar-2013 , 3 Man Team 2nd round Draw & qualifiers 14-Mar-2013.

Senior Singles Competition - 1st Round qualifiers Wednesday 27-Feb-2013 , Singles Competition 2nd Round Draw to be played 25-April-2013. 

Doubles Competition 2nd Round Draw & qualifiers  21-Feb-2013

Snooker Welsh Open - Harlem Shake

Week 18, 14-2-2013 League Table and Results updated - Sunbeam have a great win at Molly Malones 13-3, Den Inn have little bother in winning all the points versus Buckhavens version of Auld Hoose 11-5, Buck win 10-6 v Bayview, Brig win 10-6 versus Blazers, Argyll win a close game at Douglas 9-7, Swan and Railway draw, Auld Hoose take the points at Central.

Week 17, 7-2-2013 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Windygates thump Den Inn 12-4, Buck were 4-1 up on Blazers but lost 10-6, Bayview and Central drew, Auld Hoose Buckhaven get closer to winning a point getting 7 frames on the night versus Douglas 9, Argyll 7-9 Molly Malones, Sunbeam 11-5 Railway, Swan fail to show at Brig

Week 16, 25-1-2013 League Table and Results updated - Railway win 10-6 vesus Argyll, Molly Malones win 13-3 versus Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Douglas 6-10 Auld Hoose Windygates, Den Inn 12 Bayview 4, 7 Man Blazers played Central and lead 6-2 at half time, Blazers 11-5, Brig won at Buck'n'Hynd 10-6, Kennoway Derby had Sunbeam travel to Swan and won 11-5.

Singles Competition 17-1-2013 - Argyle - Buck'n'Hynd  /  Cental - Swan 1st Round draw & Qualifiers

Week 15, 10- 1-2013 League Table and Results updated - Brig win 11-5 versus Central, Den Inn stay just 3 points behind the leaders after winning 10-6 at Blazers, Douglas win at Bayview 12-4, Auld Hoose Windygates win 12-4 vesu Molly Malones, Argyle and Sunbeam draw, Buck win at home 10-6 versus Swan, Railway make the short tripe to Auld Hoose Buckhaven and win 10-6.

Week 14, 13- 12-2012 League Table and Results updated - Brig travelled to Den and won the first half 6-2, den thought back to 6-6 with the final result ending in a draw, Argyle win the points versus Swan 9-7, Sunbeam thump Auld Hoose Buckhaven 13-3, Railway lose 6-10 to Auld Hoose Windygates who go joint top of the league after the win, Their was a surprise result at Molly Malones 7-9 to Bayview, Blazers reverse the result from the first game versus Douglas after winning 11-5, Buck'n'Hynd win along the coast versus Central 10-6. 

Week 13, 29-11-2012 League Table and Results updated - After last nights fixtures the league passes the halfway stage in the season, Auld Hoose Windygates travelled the short distance to Kennoway and won well versus Sunbeam 13-3, Central win 10-6 versus Swan, Argyle 10-6 Auld Hoose Buckhaven who have failed to win more than 6 frames in any match this season, Den Inn 11-5 Buck'n'Hynd, Brig stay top after winning at Douglas 11-5, Blazers sneak a win at Molly Malones winning the last 4 of 5 to win 9-7, Railway win all the points against Bayview 9-7.  

Week 12, 15-11-2012 League Table and Results updated - Bayview draw with Sunbeam, Blazers leading 4-3 went on to win 13-3 versus Railway, Auld Hoose Windygates win versus Argyle 11-5, Brig win a close match versus Molly Malones 9-7, Douglas sneak the points at Buck'n'Hynd 9-7, Central host Den Inn who win well 12-4, Auld Hoose Buckhaven win 6 frames in a match for the first time this season lossing 10-6 to Swan.

Week 11, 1-11-2012 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Windygates travel to Buckhaven and play there name sake Auld Hoose who win only one frame, Den Inn at home thrash Swan 15-1, Douglas get the better of Central 9-7, Blazers travel to Kennoway and lose the first half 7-1 final score 12-4, Molly Malones beat Buck'n'Hynd 10-6, Brig win away at Railway 11-5, Argyle sneak a win over Bayview 9-7. 

Competition Entry 29-10-2012 - 100 Ball fixtures & tables, Doubles 1st round draw & qualifiers, 3 Man Team 1st Round draw & qualifiers. 

Week 10, 25-10-2012 League Table and Results updated - Bayview win for the first time this season after a win over Auld Hoose Buckhaven 13-3, Blazers win the first ten frames versus Argyle eventually winning 14-2, Brig win at home to Sunbeam 12-4, Buck win a Buckhaven derby 12-4 versus Railway, Centrals good run without a defeat ends after losing at home to Molly Malones 10-6, Den Inn win 10-6 versus Douglas Arms, Swan lose 3-13 at home to Auld Hoose Windygates.

Photos : White tries to sink reds, Jimmy White trains at Melwood (Liverpool's training complex)

Week 9, 18-10-2012 League Table and Results updated - Auld Hoose Buckhaven fail for the 9th time this season to win more than 5 frames in a match after losing 5-11 to 7 man Blazers, The big game this week seen Den Inn sneak a win at Molly Malones winning the last 2 frames to win 9-7, Railway drew at home to Central who are now on there longest unbeaten run in the league ever 3 wins and a draw, Auld Hoose Windygates win at home to winless Bayview Bar 11-5, Argyle lose 10-6 to Brig, Douglas Arms win 11-5 to Swan, Sunbeam win well at Home to Buck 12-4.

Week 8, 11-10-2012 League Table and Results updated - Brig stay top after an easy win over Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Blazers fail to produce any form as they lose 5-11 at home to Auld Hoose Windygates, Buck'n'Hynd win a close match over Argyle 9-7, Central make it 3 wins in a row after beating Sunbeam 9-7, Molly Malones win at Douglas 9-7, The first win for Swan this season after winning 10-6 versus Bayview Bar, Den Inn win 12-4 versus Railway.

Week 7, 4-10-2012 League Table and Results updated - The Top 2 teams in the league met at Auld Hoose Windygates with Brig leading 6-2 at half time and went on to win 11-5, Central had a surprise win at Argyle 10-6, Bayview who have a few Kirkland players from last season in there team lose at home 12-4 to Blazers, Molly Malones win 11-5 versus Swan, Sunbeam lose 10-6 to Den Inn, Buck'n'Hynd lose a single frame (Rab Crockatt Snr) at Auld Hoose Buckhaven.  .

Week 6, 27-9-2012 League Table and Results updated - Brig lose 1 frame versus Bayview, Auld Hoose Windygates win 12-4 at Buck'n'Hynd, Central with there highest win ever probably beat Auld Hoose Buckhaven 14-2, Den Inn recover from there average league form winning 10-6 versus Argyle, Douglas Arms have a fine win over Sunbeam 11-5, Molly Malones sneak a win over Railway 9-7, Blazers struggle to a 10-6 win at Swan  

Week 5, 20-9-2012 League Table and Results updated - Den Inn win there first game of the season beating Auld Hoose Buckhaven 14-2, Auld Hoose Windygates thrash Central 15-1, Sunbeam and Molly Malones draw, Railway win at home 11-5 versus Swan, Argyle beat Douglas 9-7, At Blazers one of the Brig players had a discussion with his captain and left, after this we all got on and played pool with the match ending in a draw, Bayview lose 6-10 versus Buck'n'Hynd.

S.P.A Individual Membership - Names are now being taken for entry into IM2013. These are events run by the Scottish Pool Association (SPA), with local qualifiers taking place in each region in order to qualify for finals at venues throughout Scotland.
The local qualifiers for East of Fife, going on previous years, will probably be over 3 qualifying rounds for each individual tournament and matches are generally played over a best of 11 format.

Week 4, 13-9-2012 League Table and Results updated - Den Inn draw again this time with Auld Hoose Windygates, Central win 9-7 at home to Bayview Bar, Brig go joint top with a fine at Swan 12-4, Sunbeam win at Railway 10-6, Molly Malones win 10-6 to Argyle Bar, Douglas Arms 12-4 Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Blazers win at Buck'n'Hynd 12-4.

Week 3, 6-9-2012 League Table and Results updated - Brig win 13-3 versus Buck'n'Hynd, Argyle win 9-7 v Railway, Last years runner-up in the league Den suffer another setback with a draw at Bayview, Kennoway derby had Sunbeam winning 13-3 v Swan, Auld Hoose Windygates had a convincing win over Douglas 12-4, Molly Malones win at Auld Hoose Buckhaven 12-4, Blazers win at home to Central 12-4.

Week 2, 30-8-2012 League Table and Results updated - Brig travel to East Wemyss and thump Central 14-2, Blazers with 5 or 6 of their players having played for last nights opposition in the past, win a very close match 9-7 at Den, Douglas win well at Bayview 13-3, Argyle for the second week running win 9-7 against the other Kennoway team Sunbeam this time, Buck'n'Hynd take all the points at Swan 11-5, Railway win a Buckhaven derby versus Auld Hoose 11-5, Auld Hoose Windygates win at Mollys 

Week 1, 23-8-2012 League Table and Results updated - The new season started with a reduced 14 teams entered. New boys Bayview re-enter the league with a tough start to the season against Molly Malones losing 6-10, Two evenly matched teams drew at Brig 8-8 Den Inn, Argyle win a tight match at home to Swan 9-7, Auld Hoose Windygates strole to a 14-2 win over Railway, Sunbeam win 12-4 at Auld Hoose Buckhaven, Buck'n'Hynd win 9-7 after Central left after the game was beyond them when Buck got to 9, Blazers hosted Douglas with a close match ending 6-10 with the final frame conceded by Blazers at 12 o'clock, The committee had turned up at Blazers to inspect the table after Douglas had complained about the state of the table earlier in the day or the day before, no playable fault was found (the table was slow) and the game was allowed to be played.     

2012/13 Season  Fixtures

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