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B.A.C. F-16 GR3 Wild Weasel

BAC F-16 GR3 Wild Weasel
In the late 1960s the British were seeking to develop a dedicated ground attack platform, with successive socialist governments in France, an isolationist policy prevailed resulting in their withdrawal from N.A.T.O. and the Jaguar project. The American government keen to please dwindling allies encouraged (financially) a partnership between B.A.C. and General Dynamics, which allowed the British to build under license and develop improvements to the F-16 Fighting Falcon officially known as the
Javelin II in Britain, but affectionately called the Angel by its R.A.F pilots after its resemblance to the interceptor from the Captain Scarlet T.V. show. With the successes of the Wild Weasels in Vietnam, B.A.C. developed the GR3, with a delta wing to carry a greater payload, the heavier craft was fitted with a larger Rolls Royce RB199 engine which moved the air intake and front undercarriage forward, a development the pilots found a lot less disorientating when on the ground and twin tails for greater low level stability. The GR3 proved highly effective in Operation Desert Storm scoring the highest kill rate against Iraqi S.A.M. and radar installations. The example here is seen at a Saudi air base in 1991 loaded for a mission sporting the new R.A.F. desert digi-angle scheme and low visibility markings

The Inspiration

This model was built for a competition the theme of whichwas to build a "teen" plane (F-15, F-16 etc.) in something other than the boring gray wee usually see them. The idea really came from my mate Nevs Lightning article on the "what if" site, at the time only being back into modeling for a few months Id never heard of an electronics pod on the spine ala the A4M, when I decided to do an F-16 Weasel that was my starting point, copy Nev make a twin seater and just stick a pod on the spine. Except a pod wouldnt fit between the canopy and the fin, easy just put a fin on either side of the pod. The delta wings came out of a need for more space to hang all the ground attack armaments

The Kit

Finding myself with a plethora of F-16s it was obvious what I was  going to build. Its a mix of 1/72 Fujimi and AMT Thunderbirds. The pod is just half a drop tank, doubled up the intakes and filled with styrene sheet. Wings are laminated styrene, with brazing rod inside to stiffen them up, just used laquer thinner to melt the layers together. The design and panel lines were based on Kfir wings, bit bigger and not perfectly symmetrical but its hard to notice., L.A.N.T.I.R.N, LST/SCAM, rails and some armament are from the Italeri F18 Wild weasel kit, the rest from an AMT Eurofighter . I really dont know what the load is and I know its painted "wrong" but MBM. Land Rover is die cast 1/72nd .


The idea comes from a vague memory, and it is probably just my imagination of seeing something like this on possibly an Israeli Phantom in the 70s, just seemed ideal with the current digital Camo schemes. What we have here is three greys, radome tan, desert pink and dark earth applied overall and overlaying masked off triangles and chevrons after each coat, so as to not make it obvious the order it was painted and to give a more random feel. The problem was I did end up with some big paint ridges built up against the edges of the first masking tape triangles that were still exposed at the end of the process. Decals are a grab bag of allmark desert Storm R.A.F. and Matchbox tornado F.3.