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Monogram 1/48 T-28 Trojan


What if;

With the success of the T-28 in "Farm Gate" in Vietnam and the might of the Skyraider, North American began development of a Trojan with heavier payload capability. Primarily for export to developing nations the addition of the R3350 engine and strengthening of the airframe increased the load to that comparable to the Skyraider. The A/T-28G also received the addition of six wing mounted cannons and made it a formidable weapon in the COIN role. In 1968 after decades of political turmoil in Chile and the influence of Che Guevara and fear of communist sympathies spilling over from neighbouring Chile, the United States decided to protect it's interests in the rich mines and oil fields of the country by supplying the right wing military Junta with weapons. This was the break North American needed and aided by U.S. government grants the Fuerza Area Boliviana soon began receiving their "Cazadores." Unfortunately the influx of American weapons did nothing to stabilize the region and the A/T-28 saw many years of distinguished service often firing upon those who had been it's pilots only months before. Since 1982 when some semblance of consistent democratic rule finally appeared, the Cazadore has still been in service, but mostly against drug traffickers.



This was the winner of the "Latin America America-o-rama " competition on the http://www.whatifmodelers.com/ site.Initially I was none too enthusiastic about the build and was really struggling for inspiration, so I decided I wasn't going to waste a "good" kit on the project and went with the ancient Monogram T-28. You know the toy like one with giant raised detail, working landing gear that I got in a job lot off Ebay and probably was going to give away anyway. Then the idea hit me "I wonder what this would like with that old P-47 engine I've got sitting in the parts drawer?". The fit was perfect on three sides but there was a giant step on the bottom that had to be blended in, but I loved the muscle car look it gave the profile instead of the ugly smashed in bulldog look the T-28 has.

The cockpit involved alot of scratchbuilding,complete ejection seats and added bits here and there to busy it up. I was planning on using the kit decals for the instrument panels but lost them somwhere along the way. So I tried something new, took a piece of paper scribbled on it with a pen and some coloured markers and the just cut to fit and white glued it to the instrument panels. simple yet effective.

The paint was a mixture of my trusty Wal -mart equipment Grey primer for the underside and Misterkit acrylics for the camouflage. Decals were from a set of Aero-Club Bolivian T-33. Weathered with a pastel wash, still trying to get the hang of effective washes. Gun and exhaust stains were a new method I tried which is so simple, I can't believe I thought it up, yet I've never seen it anywhere else. I just took the chalk pastel, drew directly on the model and smudged it with my fingertips. Repeat till you get the desired shade!