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Matchbox 1/72 Tornado F.3

What if:

Overheard from a U.S.N. Admiral at Farnborough air show after seeing the Tornado F3 in 1988," Dayum that thing looks like a MIG, we needs to gets us some of those"

U.S.N. Tornado F3 Aggressor

One week Build

This one was built for a competition on the http://www.whatifmodelers.com/ site to build a complete model in a week. It's a great example of how a fairly basic Matchbox kit can be tarted up and made into a decent model.

The comically basic kit seats were just added to with some styrene strips and rods and really do make an amazing difference .

OK so I may have overdone it a bit with the full harnesses made from masking tape and buckles from fine jewelry wire.

The tub recieved the same treatment  of just adding a few bits of styrene card stock and it's amazing how much alittle work can enhance something so much. Remember that even in these thumbnails the pictures are bigger than the real thing and this is plenty of detail for a closed cockpit.





The finished office and how it looks in the end. 

Finished with Gunze Sangyo acrylics and the decals were a mixture of Two Bobs F-18 aggressor squadron and various russian stars and numbers.

This build was completed in seven days and shows how easy it can be to make a pretty striking model  in a short period of time from what some consider to be an inferior kit.