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Marines over Korea.

This is a kind of "What If" with the FJ-2 Fury navalised version of the mighty F-86 Sabre in the marking that Major John Glenn wore on his Air Force Sabre in Korea. The Fury was just a little too late to see service with the Corps in Korea. This one is paired with an F-4 Corsair in Korean conflict markings.

FJ-2 Fury

This is the R.V.H.P. resin kit and my first model in that media. Resin kits can be tricky to build and are expensive, this one was pretty bare bones and probably not worth the money as there isn't any major difference between the FJ-2 Fury and the F-86 Sabre except for a tailhook. Really was just a pricey set of decals with a few resin bits thrown in the box for good measure. Finished in Model Master Metalizers from the spray can a good way too get a Metal finish if you don't have an airbrush but really must be sealed in because they never really dry and continue to come off on your fingers every time you touch the model.


The Italeri F4-U Korea Corsair a lovely little kit. The U.S.M.C. Corsairs really took a beating and weathered alot.