Handmade Carved Soap Flowers

Carved Soap Flowers

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               Hand Carved Soap Flowers

                 Realistically  & Aroma        


These hand carved soap flower are one kind of natural soap which have various colours with normal fragrance of the soap. They look delicate, beautiful and have the natural scent of the soap. These carved flowers differ from flowers carved from other materials in that they have a beautiful aroma and beauty combined.

They can be used as exquisite decorative items to liven up for the rooms at hotel, bathroom, home, office and dining tables at restaurant. Any surface that allows decorations, such as book shelves, window sills, glass cabinets, home or office tables. Besides this, hand carved soap flowers can be regard as popular additional sales item to florist and souvenir shops.

These soap flowers are also unique and by no means a standard gift items. They make ideal Valentine gifts and wedding anniversary gifts for your loved ones. They also make excellent room fragrance accents, adding a gentle scent to a room.



                                      Original meterial of the container made from bamboo wood for viewing.




Flower Types :            Approximately more than 20 types of finely carved flowers in various colour combinations or your custom types of flower.

Sphere            :             Finished Bamboo Wood sphere/mango tree wood sphere . Traditional Thai Art design.

Fragrance      :             Scents vary. The fragrance is the normal fragrance of the soap used for carving soap flower.  Which is slightly accented by  the soap carving or the larger surface resulting from the soap carving, the type and intensity of the soap scent will varies. Additional perfuming is optionally available.

Material         :              Normal fragrance of the soap, Bamboo Wood Sphere or Heart Shape transparent plastic case.

Option            :              Artificial green leaves and other types of sphere , type of individual packaging boxes.

Size                 :              The soap flower is available in 2 standard size. Small and Large size below include the dimensions of the bamboo wood     spherical box. As the soap flower are hand carved, sizes may some how vary from the specificatios given. 



                      Dimension Details Carvd Soap Flowers in Bamboo Wood Sphere                           


     SFL-BW1754-S       :    Sphere diameter   6.8 cm  x  heigh 4.8 cm                 90 gram


     SFL-BW1754-L       :    Sphere diameter   8.5 cm  x  heigh 7.5 cm               112gram


                    Price & Packaging Details � Carved Soap Flowers                                                    


     Price                     :   Price quotes in US Dollars. Ex. Workshop northern Thailand

                                  Excluding shipping and transaction costs. Prices are subject to change.


     Item Packaging         :   Light Saa Paper lined carton per indicidual soap flower (in wood sphere)

                                  Strong decorative carton box optional.


     Carton Packaging    :   Standard multiply carton, carton dimensions may vary from specifications.


     Ships From               :   Northern Thailand country of origin; Thailand items are GSP Categorised.   




                         Carved Soap Flowers are made from various colouring in the normal fragrance of the soap.    




          Sample Packages for Importers, Distributors, Retailer and Event Organisers :


                            Item                        Qty           Price / item       Carton size        Carton CBM     weights Net     Gross       Dim                                                                                                                                                                                           


                      SFL-BW 1682-S     154 items     USD 10.00         45 x 42 x 40          0.09999           15.00kg       17.00kg     16.50kg


                      SFL-BW 1682-L     120 items     USD 12.00         45 x 42 x 40           0.09999           18.00kg        20.00kg    16.50kg




We'll need up to about 7 - 10 days production time for sample volumes, Fastest shipping time is 4 - 6  days, slowest shipping time is 42 - 48 days. Sea freight quantities starting at 1cubic meter volume are approximately 28 - 42 days.


Feel free to contact us for further technical and shipping details. Samples, LCL or FCL volume prices. When enquiring, it is helpful to mention your intended quantity, destination and arrival date.  We will send you a price quotation ex. Works free on board or cost-insurance-freight according to your preference and if desired. Recommend the most appropriate delivery method.



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