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What's Going On?

The planned programme for 2019 is (subject to changes) as follows ~

09.30am     Welcome by Barry Bartholomew, PF District Manager

09.45am     Mike Kettle, "Discovering Ley Lines";

10.45am    Mike Carrington, "The Darkening Age";

11.45am    Connecting with the Egyptian deities, workshop with Adrienne de Roy, Side Room;

         11.45pm Witchcraft Memorial talk with Carol McDowell & poet Greg McDowell, main hall;

12.30pm     Lunch break; 

                  12.45pm    Suzie Edwards's drumming workshop, adjacent woods
12.45pm Rob Lummis tells a Native American tale, main hall

13.45pm     Art Slocum, "Heathenry and Race";

14.00pm Dowsing Workshop with Anne & Steve Dawson, Side Room;

14.45pm     Jo van der Hoeven, "Riding the Hedge";

15.30pm     Raffle;

16.00pm     Storytelling with Clan Ogma (The Old Woman of Winter)

16.45pm     Spring ritual lead by Rhys & Martika

17.45pm     Thanks and close