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Charity Contributions 2017

The following good causes received a donation as a result of the profits made during the 2017 Leaping Hare Convention:

Pagan Federation (East Anglian region) - £200
Netty Trigg's Animal Rescue - £200
Wildlives Trust - £200
East Anglian Children' Hospice - £200

The Essex Witch Trials Memorial group has succeeded in gaining permission to have a plaque dedicated to the memories of those unfairly persecuted, imprisoned at the Colchester Castle, and many later executed for supposedly being witches. They now need to raise funds to buy the plaque, and are having a bring-and-buy stall at Leaping Hare 2018 to help with this. If you have any pagan items (books, altar cloths, candlesticks etc.) that you would like to donate to the stall, please bring the along.