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 May I be the first to welcome you to...


 My name is Leafheart12, a moderator here! You can call me Leafheart, Leaf, or Leafeh.


(click on my portrait to go to my profile) 

 I'll be taking you through a step-by-step process of how to maximize your fun here on Warrior Cats RPG: A New Generation!

 »S T E P  O N E«      Register
 If you are new to webs, click on the register button on the sidebar of any page! If you have a Webs account, then simply signing in will allow you to register without making a new account. Make sure to read the rules before registering! You can read them here.
Fill out the form with your email, a unique password, a display name (this will show up on your profile), birthday, location, and gender. Make sure to fill out the captcha code! You can press the blue refresh symbol to bring up a new code if you can't read the one you have. Once you are satisfied, click "Create My Account"!

»S T E P  T W O«      Create Your Profile
Once your account has been approved by our staff, then you may continue to creating your profile. The staff team will try to approve your account in anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Check back often! 
 Once you've logged in, click on the "Edit Profile" button to begin creating your profile!
First, begin with the red box. This is the name box. The name you enter here will be seen by all other members and it will be what you are known as.
The green box is your profile picture. Please select an appropriate and suitable image to represent you.
The blue box is the "About Me" section. In mine, you can see that I have a few introductory graphics and below I list my cats (not in image).
Once you are done, click submit, and your profile is complete! 

»S T E P  T H R E E«      Join A Clan
So you've registered and made your profile. Time to roleplay, right? Not quite. First, you need to make a character! There are plenty of good guides on the internet to help you create a good, well-rounded character. I suggest herehere, and here! These links will help you name your character, come up with a few valuable traits, and design him or her.
Once you've done all that, it's time to do a little research on what clan you'd like to join.
Will you join one of the main four? Thunder? Shadow? River? Wind?
Or will you leap through the trees with SkyClan?
Or slip though the shadowy alleys of the twoleg place with BloodClan?
Or perhaps none of those choices are suitable for your character. Maybe the bloodthirsty Tribe of the Falling Stars is best suited for your cat.
The choice is yours.
Once you've decided on a clan for your cat, make sure you are completely okay with your character. Do you like the name? The design? Will I have fun roleplaying him or her?
When you are set on your character, go to the Guestbook, the second link of the sidebar. You can click here to go there now.
Simply follow the instructions and then you shall be all set to roleplay in your new clan! If you are having difficulties understanding how to Role Play on Lh12, simply click here

 Congratulations! It's now time to take your first step into the wild, fun, and highly unique environment of Warrior Cats RPG: A New Generation.
Remember, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me!
Also, the FAQ may have some answers to some of your questions. You can click here to go there now.
Thank you so much for joining, and I hope to meet you soon!
May StarClan light your path, forever and always!
With love,

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