We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it


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We cannot change our destiny we just have to have the courage to know what it is and accept it

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hello! i'm silverfang, the co-owner of leafheart12 
please pm me if you have any questions, concerns, or just wanna chat! I also role-play the healer of the tribe of stolen time, patter of falling stones, so if you ever want to rp with me or need me for something in the tribe, please ask!
ciao <33

tumblr || http://www.aninfinityofinfinities.tumblr.com

instagram || http://www.instagram.com/artwolfie 

characters ||  http://www.leafheart12characters.weebly.com


I dont have many rules when it comes to roleplaying with me, however I do have rules for myself!

-I will almost never ask for rps, I dont like to give the impression that Im picking and choosing, so if you want to  rp just ask me directly and I will almost always say  yes! Otherwise I probably wont offer, Im sorry owo;

-I try to limit myself to only two rps at a time because I tend to make long posts and dont want to neglect anyone. Im sorry! I hope you understand unu

-If you're rping with me, you better be following the rules!

Thats all there is! I hope to join all of you in roleplay at one point or another! Thank you lovlies for reading this <33




if you ever need to contact me, and its urgent, you can reach me through my kik [@artwolfie]

you can use it if you need me to come on the website for a rp, or if you want me to see something that might need to be reported, etc. i will do my best to respond quickly <3

[i do not rp through my kik, sorry, site only!]

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Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
10:44 PM on April 8, 2016 
could we maybe rp when your on again? .-. sorry i was at my uncles house and we havent been able to in a bit
So I cam across the sicknesses page, and fire is actually right, in moth flights Vision, there is a cough called Redcough
Reply MoonSpirit (A.K.A Brave)~*Is Now Chara*~
11:17 AM on January 19, 2016 
Dear lord that font is smalllll O3O *Puts on smart glasses*
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
11:38 PM on January 13, 2016 
meep meep
Reply ace
3:14 PM on January 7, 2016 
Mmm, I know I got demoted from Gang leader too, but may I choose the next gang leader? Is that alright or should I ask Gold?
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
3:34 PM on December 28, 2015 
meep xD
Reply [Co-Owner] Spirit of Silverfang
12:59 AM on December 21, 2015 
Flapper812 A.K.A Shadow (Character profile :3): Being catherine, she suddently shot up, blinking and looked around, unaware of everything for a moment until she blinked, clearing her head. She yawned and rubbes her eyes and closed them again, going right back where she was, clearly unaware it was a human body. She groaned just a bit in pain as she felt her stomach curl up and teist a bit, shaking her head and pulled the blanket over her head conpletely
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
2:22 AM on December 11, 2015 
He nodded and smiled. Pulling out a plate and some silverware from the cupboard and drawers, he set them on the counter, also grabbing a bottle of syrup and some butter from the fridge. "Yunno, Ive been thinking," He began, taking a couple of pancakes onto his plate and using them in syrup. "Maybe we should get Ada a crib or something, or at least one of those things that can like transform from a stroller to a carseat to a carrier thing," He said, then scooped a large bite of sticky, syrupy pancakes into his mouth. "Mm, these are great," he said once he finished his first bite. He took a sip of coffee to wash it down. "Anyways, I thought that might make it easier on you," (there's ur last post with ash)
Reply Vixen...mole(stalker of rps)
1:14 PM on May 8, 2015 
Reply RobinFlame (A.k.A, Queen of Fluff)
2:38 PM on April 26, 2015 
As he broke the kiss, Rose lowered her hand and stared up at him, her cheeks flushed pink. I... we.... that was amazing, she thought, the words seeming to bounce in her head like a never ending echo. Dazed, she stared up at him, blue meeting red in a seemingly perfect mix of color endless passion. Unable to help herself, she watched as his hair fell into his gaze. She didn't like it. She wanted to see his eyes. Quickly, she reached up and moved the dark strands out of his face and once again stared into his gaze. When she noticed how he seemed to be debating on whether or not to kiss her again, she slowly curled her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, once again locking their lips together. Eventually, she had to pull away, her heart hammering against her chest. Without another word, she ducked under his arm and snuggled up to his side, her head on the side of his chest

(Just putting this here in case I accidentally delete it XD)
Reply Croatoankitten
10:12 AM on August 3, 2014 
Sorry! I had to leave the rp early and I missed what Whisperingpaw said to Mudkit! If you want to continue let me know and I'll meet you at ThunderClan camp ;) But if you don't want to it's fine!
Reply Misty's Farewell - Check Profile <3
2:54 PM on May 16, 2014 
Congrats on TC deputy :3
Reply *Starry*
3:31 AM on April 18, 2014 
Congratulations, on becoming deputy of TC Silverheart!
Reply Frosty
3:36 PM on January 12, 2014 
Reply Spottedclaw the Psycho Tabby
3:57 PM on January 8, 2014 
Hellooo do you do are requests? Because I think your art is awesome :3
Reply Lilybreeze
9:19 PM on September 25, 2013 
When did what happen...?

If It's about Wolfleap's power, I bought it on the 8th.
Reply Lilybreeze
9:41 AM on September 20, 2013 
Reply Frost and co.~
9:53 AM on August 16, 2013 
Hi. Can my cat be a queen in TOTFS? My Cats name is Glacier. She is a small silver tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. She is smart, and a strong fighter, but tends to give up too easily.

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