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Oceanmist is a freakishly tall, and strangly skiiny oriental, he's a snow bengal, his pelt a mixture of creams,whites and greys. He has bright stricking sapphire optics and a crown of bengal markings upon his head, also decorating his slim form. The tom is well muscled , quite a formitable enemy.


Rude and snappy at the least, Oceanmist will snap at your throat for even looking at him wrong, it's hard to hear more then growling from the male. He doesn't mess around. Oceanmist always has a trick up his sleeve, and isn't afraid to fight dirty. There may be some honor in fighting fair but honor isn't winning. Lifes not fair so why try to make it be so? One thing that triggers Oceanmist the most is losing. Beware. 

I love you all <3 

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Reply equinox
5:45 PM on August 26, 2017 
what santa it's not xmas yet what huh
Reply Smokebomb
4:21 PM on August 20, 2017 
His embrace was welcome, and Sionie's arms wrapped tightly around Cynric in return, her face buried in his shirt. "I'm sorry" She mumbled, her voice muffled by his shirt. "I'm sorry I trusted him. Being with you wasn't even bad even as an object, you never hurt me and you're not mean to me, I don't know why I went as far as trusting Vasco." I really messed up. Sionie was in no rush to move away, for the time being, it was comforting, and she had slowly began to calm, her tears slowing. "And, I don't think what you did was completely wrong. I guess you have to do what you have to do huh?" She murmured, relaxing a tiny bit against him. "I'm sorry, for everything that's happened to you Cynric."
Reply Smokebomb
4:21 PM on August 20, 2017 
: It was so tiring. The paranoia, the stress... Abbi couldn't stop crying. He knew it was petty, he knew he'd be okay, he knew everything would be okay. Yet there he was, balling at the side of the dark alley like a child who had lost it's parent. Since when was he such a big baby? At the rushing footsteps he jumped, no relief filled him, only fear that it was someone who could cause him harm. Squeezing his eyes shut, Abbi hoped that the danger would pass quickly. But suddenly he was awkwardly enveloped in a gentle embrace and his hues opened slowly at the males voice. "Malz?" Abbi relaxed, wiping his eyes dry. "I-i'm sorry you had to go all this way, I didn't mean to be troublesome..." He said, a slight stutter in his words. "I'm sorry."
Reply Smokebomb
11:49 AM on August 11, 2017 
He noticed the subtle things that changed when she was terrified. His prey's breathing accelerated despite the nonchalant words that she emitted. "Perhaps." He mused in a mutter, "Then there is nothing you want to protect?" A low chuckle emitted from his throat as his prey flinched at the sudden bite of his canines. Once the aggression had been seemingly drained from her body, the male slowly loosened his grip on her wrists, pinning her with a firm hold on her waist instead. Her red sanguine flowed from the puncture and into his mouth, and his optics clouded into a state of bliss. For demons, their feeding was one of their only methods of attaining something close to happiness. His senses had sharpened despite his distracted state; the pounding of the angel's heart, the shudder that overwhelmed her limbs, the scent of fear. He could taste them all on the tip of his tongue. Withdrawing his face from the dip of her neck, he thumbed the blood that had been smeared on the side of mouth to remove its traces. "Thank-you for the meal, sweetheart." Kio tipped his head with mock gratitude, the easygoing smirk that was habitual for him now a cold smile. The prince nodded his head at her after casting sharp glances to each end of the darkness of the dimly-lit hallway. "Low class demons might try to attack you, with that scent of blood so openly out. You would be safe in your room." The prince wound a finger around one of her silky locks, tugging not with the gentleness of a lover, but the calculating touch of a predator. "And if you died, it would certainly be a pity, for both you and I." He dropped his hand, only to take a step back and regard her with relaxed amusement. "Can you stand? I don't think I drained that much from you." // Who would have thought that I'd have met one of the souls that needed to be collected in a few months? The irony made Axion flash a bitter smile, not exactly directed to the girl before him. "Misume, was it?" He addressed her with a question that he knew the answer to. "Best take care of your health," While it lasts. The Grim Reaper's golden optics were vivid - a lantern in the dusk that was quickly consuming the light of day. They were still emotionless; a reminder that the male had no qualms about discussing her death in such a blunt fashion. She's going to die anyway, no sugarcoating would ever eliminate that fact. He studied her once more, the flushed rosiness of her skin, the lively twitches of her fur-covered ears, and the wide-eyed curiosity of a child. He wondered if he had been like that once. He could barely remember what it meant to be alive. Axion shook his head, turning his back on the girl and striding towards a curved corner of the hedge maze to find a desolate spot to open the gateway to Hell. If a human like her saw it with her own two eyes, he didn't doubt that she'd be driven to insanity.
Reply Blue
2:34 AM on August 8, 2017 
God I have been DEAD XD
Reply Smokebomb
5:56 PM on August 7, 2017 
Low on food and desperate for some Udon or maybe some chicken alfredo? Despite the vast difference in both meals, Abbadon had an urge for both. Hmm. Abbi turned down another street, making his way down his familiar route to the store. His eye bandages were off, and he wearing another kimono, though this one was shorter, due to the heat of the day. He still had his shade umbrella since the sun was beating down today, but dark clouds where tumbling overhead. He'd have to get to the store soon. Once he reached a stop light along a fairly abandoned backstreet, a small rustle behind him made him turn suddenly. A good five feet away stood a large man, but the problematic piece about this was in the man's right hand, Abbi spotted a knife. Was it real or not? His instincts screamed at him to run. And he did. Muggings were common in urban areas, Abbadon should've brought some sort of weapon to protect himself... His familiar couldn't help him now. Addi bolted, straight out in the middle of the road. Luckily any car was in a far enough range to stop before hitting him, but Abbadon was in no state of mind to car about that, darting in a zig-zag pattern down the streets. It was only when a rain drop hit his cheek that he snapped out of his tizzy, optics raising to the sky. He hadn't even noticed how the world around him had darkened. Now that he had stopped running, he didn't know where he was. What could he do? Going back could mean facing the knife wielder and asking anyone here could be a fatal mistake. He didn't trust a single person here. He was in some grubby back alley, and there wasn't anyone insight now that the rain began pouring down. The panic that had overwhelmed him struck again. What was he going to do?? If he walked anywhere else he could get even more lost... Crouching down, he wrapped his arms around his knees, holding his umbrella tight as he racked his mind about what he could do... Pulling out his wallet, he flipped through his cards and gave a satisfied hum as he found what he was looking for. The folded paper given to him by Malz a short while back. He wasn't the type to use people like this and it made him guilty that the first time he'd reach out to the male would only be for a favor. He had put the number in his phone a few hours after Malz gave it to him. The small male felt a little hesitant. But within moments he had opened up messenger. Calling would make things easier of course... but Abbadon was quite awkward in calls, and often times avoided them.
b says...
Hey... I left my house to buy groceries but now I'm...Lost. I need your help, please
. He didn't know if Malz could help him but all he could do is hope.
Reply Smokebomb
1:09 AM on August 2, 2017 
"Mhmm" Abbi hummed, placing his plate down and sitting at the table. The wood surface was black through his eyes, and it hurt his hues to strain against the black and white that surrounded him, it messed up his perception slightly, and the only color he ever saw was crimson. "I had to take them off if I wanted to read what I was cookin' with." He explained with a small amused chuckle. Bit it came at a price. With the bandages off, he could see creatures of all sorts...Everywhere. Crawling on the table, standing in the distance. Of course they weren't really there. That's why Abbadon was so calm. He knew it wasn't real, but that didn't mean he wanted to see it. The male ate slowly, taking small mouth fulls and being a polite eater as he was raised, he couldn't eat much anyways. He only got through a single pigs in a blanket before rendering himself full. Abbi got up, moving back to the kitchen before returning with a cold water bottle. "If you plan on leaving now, here. I haven't had company in so long, as short as it was I had a great time, if you ever get lost around here again I'll happily help"
Reply Smokebomb
12:04 AM on August 2, 2017 
Annabel's jaw clenched slightly at the change in Kio's crimson hues. It was pitiful how she was acting, showing her fear so easily. It was weakness, like a cowering piece of prey. Her attention snapped to him as he gripped her wrists, and the angel listened as Kio spoke his warning, but Annabel's gaze was unreadable. "You talk as though death were a punishment. For me it's a saving grace." That wasn't entirely true for she still had her son to care for, but if not for him, death would've been an easy call. She didn't say anymore, closing her blue hues with a small defeated sigh. It was only with the sharp pain in her neck that her sapphire orbs snapped open wide and she pressed herself back against the wall as far as she could go. The grip he had on her wrists hurt and her instincts screamed to fight. Annabel tensed her muscles, and it was then that she realized a small shiver was passing over her. It didn't matter how much she told herself everything was fine, her body wouldn't stop shaking. Why? It was no doubt because she was scared, but the problem was she couldn't make it stop. She couldn't control it.
Reply equinox
9:18 PM on August 1, 2017 
same my life needs updating
Reply Smokebomb
3:45 AM on July 31, 2017 
Abbi was excited to cook, it wasn't everyday that he had the chance to cook for someone. As Malz left for the bath, he had cut the bandages off, careful not to cut his hair in the process. After all he couldn't read with them on, this was one of few things he gave into. Once the bandages were off he was in a world he so desperately tried to forget. But his crystal blue hues remained calm, though now relieved it was obvious how tired he was, shadows bordered beneath his eyes and they were only a little more than half open. He cooked with his familiar, the being taking on a simple silhouette form, pitch black with white orbs. One could call the familiar, 'company', but the creature was mindless, merely given life, not a brain. It ate, attacked, obeyed. That's all it ever did. Early on Abbi had treated it as a real being , but now the repetitive nature only saddened the small male a little. As the timer went off Abbadon put on the oven mit and pulled out their dinner just as Malz entered the room, his sapphire hues flickering to the male, what he was was no surprise, just a pure white silhouette with only few disfigurements. Luckily."You've got timing" He commented with a small chuckle, pulling out a few plates and silverware as he started plating the food. "Want any ketchup or anything?" He asked Malz, thankful that his familiar had gotten out of sight before the other male could spot it. What if his familiar became hungry, by sparring others, he allowed it ti feed on a bit of his sanity, and he had to save what he had left. If it came down to it, he'd make the self sacrifice again even so. Placing the plate on the table, he went to the fridge to grab the ketchup and brought it with him. "I gave us two each for now but their's six more still up there if you're still hungry."
Reply Smokebomb
11:02 PM on July 30, 2017 
At the question, Megume closed her eyes, as though pondering the question, but when they opened the sapphire depths were troubled. "I don't know. All I remember is waking up and I was in this forest. It took be four days to find this place but I've been here ever since." She explained, continuing to make the cookies. It troubled her really, not being able to remember anything, anyone. But it was out of her control.
Reply Smokebomb
2:18 AM on July 28, 2017 
Omi: "Abbadon..." Malz whispered to himself. "that's a cool name," he finished in full voice. Malz tried to convince himself that it wasn't awkward that he just asked a blind man for directions, or that he was awkwardly trespassing on someone else's property. "how did you do that?" Malz asked, referring to the bandages over the other's eyes and the fact that he could still tell the direction. he then after being invited to stay for a short period, sat next to abbadon on the marble bench. "it's hard to believe that you maintain this entire place on your own," he began not so tactfully. "i mean especially given your condition, you must work very hard." He finished, eyes slowly panning over the different features in the garden. He was careful not to mess anything up as he passed through, mainly so that he wouldn't feel bad that the boy had to clean up after him. It then felt to Malz that some sort of chill ran down his spine, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. what was that? he thought, his paranoia kicking in, as if infectiously. he had a sense of deja vu with this garden and his superstitions swung into full anxiousness, specifically with something bad being here. he wanted to run away, but couldn't bring himself to stand at the moment.

Smokebomb: The question didn't spark surprise and Abbi merely gave a soft laugh. "I didn't always need sound to see my dear sir. When I was younger my eyes saw the world perfectly, I saw it all in it's glory. I have photographic memory so I've remembered my land over the times i ventured through it in my childhood. Though I hardly went to the edge of my land so i got a little turned around for a moment, but I remember seeing the main road only once, it was the only road i've ever seen." He didn't mind the company, in fact somewhere in him past the fear he was quite grateful for it. Peaceful company was not something he had often. A gentle hum left him and his smile returned. He wasn't a sensitive person when it came to the obvious. "It's challenging yes, but I usually take these off when I tend to the garden." He said, allowing his fingers to brush over the bandages as he spoke. "And also with a little help it all makes the job easier. I enjoy taking care of this garden, it's peaceful, the rest of my land I allow nature to take it's course as long as I can have this small little chunk of it." Abbi was what one would describe as an 'old soul'. He held wisdom about a large vast abundance of subjects despite his time on earth being a short amount compared to an elder. Over the years he had forgotten his age, and he never took off the bandages unless here in his garden so he could never really check. Even at night, his dreams were less hellish with them on. His attention snapped back to the present as he felt the atmosphere change, but it was something he couldn't read and that put an edge to his fear. He shifted a little, a numbness was settling fast in his legs as they were falling asleep so quickly. That was his body's first and last warning. "I have to get home, I trust you to see yourself out when you deem fit." Slowly Abbadon stood and began to make his way south towards home. The numbness that fought to take hold of his legs felt like little needs on his skin and it caused a limp to arise. Was he going to make it home in time? His body had given him a few subtle warnings today but the dizziness that now set in convinced him for sure.
i says...
I'm gunna pass out
. The dreary thought almost didn't register to him as he swayed slightly. This was nothing new to him so it didn't raise alarm, he passed out once if not twice every week or two, and as much as he hated to say it, it was undoubtedly because of his bad health. Abbi hardly got to the edge of the garden before he had to use a young growing tree as support, his breathes becoming harsh and only a few mere seconds after pausing he offered the break his legs were begging for and sunk into a sitting position on the ground, leaning his back on the tree. This was embarrassing, he didn't like showing weakness to others, not at all.
Reply Smokebomb
2:02 AM on July 25, 2017 
"I'll admit the games are fun." He said with a small not before all seriousness took over him and he slowed to a stop at his task. "Even I have something I want to escape from. And after years and years of waiting nothing changed for me. I'm tired of waiting for someone. So I took a person by force, and you were unlucky enough to be there." He started his task up again, putting away the clothes. "You my dear, are going to be the one thing I want more than anything. And I assure you, you're going to help me break out of this prison I've been stuck in so long. The best part is you don't even have to try." The situation was a bit off. But it was close enough, he still had her to himself and for now that was good enough for him.
Reply Smokebomb
10:16 PM on July 24, 2017 
: "I never did laundry before!" He responded, a hint of defense in his voice. Though as Grey began putting clothes in one washer, Akira followed. Opening the wash machine he began stuffin' it. And boy he got all those dirty clothes in that washer. But it seemed..Off. It did say leave half empty in order to spin...He looked a little crestfallen. "What if all my clothes don't fit?" He asked, pulling a bit of clothes out to do as the washer instructed.
Reply Smokebomb
8:59 PM on July 24, 2017 
Abbadon felt relief fill him, and as she spoke. This female wasn't looking for a fight that's for sure. And the male voice after , brought a chuckle past his lips and he relaxed at the slightest. "I don't have a shadow, my familiar takes the form of my shadow to travel with me more easily. They are quite friendly unless up against hostiles. But they won't attack without my consent." He turned to Magnus, ilting his head slightly. "I must ask politely this time. Please if you wish to destroy things do not do so on my land. If I catch you doing this again, I will be sure to make you know how it feels when the fire is set against you." Abbadon said calmly. The males voice was gentle, honey dipped and innocent of all harm. Of course that was Abbi's human nature. His true nature was of that of much worse. "There was another girl." He began, resting the cane of the umbrella on his shoulder. "Do you have any idea where she is? I need to make sure she's not hostile. If you all agree to be peaceful, I will happily house you until you bid your leaving. That is if you'd like. I don't get much pleasurable company."
ace: "I will give you my word that I am not hostile, until you attack." Hope took out the golden sword, with the swept hilt resembling bladed feathers, and stabbed it into the ground. She was now unarmed, just for the sake of giving Abbadon the satisfaction of 'safety'. "As for him, I'm not aware whether he's reckless, or an arsonist. And the other girl? I'm certain she wouldn't be a threat - the explosion scared her as well." Crimson orbs glared at Magnus, and she rested her hands on her hips, over her sword belt. "That, I can agree on. I'm simply wandering the earth unless some poor soul needs help."
Macy: Kano listened, trying to decipher the words they spoke, though still, she could only pick up a few. She dared raise her head ever so slightly to look out through the grass, eyeing the three others. They all seemingly had strong life forces, though Abbadon's was-- off. As though slightly different than the rest, his aura seemed somewhat darker.
Reply Fennec Foxeh
6:46 PM on July 24, 2017 
Reply Smokebomb
10:18 PM on July 23, 2017 
Katsu was a good little boy, he had good grades, he was popular with most, though other labeled him one that slept around a lot even though he was a sweet little virgin. It was really just his personality. He was a huge flirt and made bold actions. Though lets be real, when it came to getting flirted with back Katsu is quite shy, and easily flustered. With his good ego, good grades, and can do spirit he was accepted to be in the welcoming committee. And so here he was.. Waiting at the main doors next to a sign with the names of the new kids. There was only two new kids this year, well in Katsu's grade that was. But sadly the second was ill. Hopefully the guy would come to Katsu, he really didn't want to have to search him out...
Reply Smokebomb
2:20 AM on July 21, 2017 
Akira hurried after the taller male, as fast as his short legs could go with this heavy basket. At one point he dropped a sock which made him put down his basket and run over to retrieve it. The stairs, now that was an obstacle, one he conquered with time. Pleased as he didn't drop a single piece of clothing, the male entered the laundry room, putting the basket down with a relieved sigh as his curious hues eyed the washers and dryers. Making his way over to one, he inspected the dial. "How do these work?" He asked, there was buttons and dails and flashy lights, he didn't know which one did what .
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
9:14 AM on July 20, 2017 
Reply Nighteh
7:02 PM on July 6, 2017 
love you too

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