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In so original, if you fake being me this will arrive at your house; "Roses are Red, Your blood is too, Violets are blue,Just like you *punches into ground*
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Look guys, Ive been here for about 5 years and things (personally) have been getting worse an worse as the years go by. ive become more of a bother then a friend to most people; im just getting in the way most days. And hey, I can admit when I dont belong some where. I wont sit and complain about it. Ill simply get up and leave to find where I do belong. Lh12... i dont feel I belong here anymore. Im always left out of convorsations and rping... where do I even start with rp? I feel the whole site goes quiet when im on, and only comes to life if I leave. 

I get it, i know how it feels. When youre with your friends and some random person just wont leave you and your friends alone. Ive been in both spots before. We never say it to eithers face... but we always think it. As the bystander we beg to be included, but as the insider we beg theyd just go away. Its human nature and I understand that. 

So.. what am I trying to say? I dont know, a lot of things really. I dont want to be left out, but I also dont want to be a bother. Often I think of quitting, and I have many times, but im always drawn back with the hope of all of my doubts being proven wrong.... time an time again theyre proven right instead. My Goal wasnt to make enemies or become that person everyone gives up the site just to get away from. 

Yet that person I've become anyways. I can take it, im a big girl. I guess im just a little tired of the charade and false hope I feed myself time and time again. All the Rps I start and get excited over... just ot watch them drown because I become to annoying or boring. I havn't decided if I want to leave or not. I have a goal I still want to fulfill before I leave forever. 

To conclude... I guess I needed to get all of that out. Its hard to tell through a screen what emotion I wrote this with. A lot will guess anger or agression based on the length and way I worded everything. In truth? If these words were a voice it would be calm, a normal speaking tone. One just trying to speaks its mind, not screaming or crying. 

But sadly, those who read will doubt that and believe im being passive agressive. I guess Ill be the only one to truly know how I want this message portrayed. I just don't want to lie anymore :) I want to be 100% honest with how I feel. Maybe someone else feels the same way? I dunno.

Just.. enjoy your time here while its your era ^^ 

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Reply Nighteh
3:47 PM on September 21, 2017 
happy five years bro
Reply [Founder Stalker] Julia(Springy)
9:28 PM on August 31, 2017 
I actually do feel the same way, pretty much the exact way.. thats why i havent been on so much, i cant come up with plots or starters all the time so that's why i dont rp new ones much anymore, it feels like im boring at least to me when rps just die, so i've long given up on that, so yeah flap, i know how you feel.. i want to quit, but at the same time i kind of just can't, so the best thing i do is just limit myself cause all that happens when i come on, is i stress myself out too much over how crappy i am about keeping rps going or keep interest... im exactly in those shoes.
Reply Leafberry
3:55 AM on August 23, 2017 
Reply Leafy
10:12 PM on August 22, 2017 
Ehh not really, the site that original got me started in roleplaying died around then I think, and after that stuff got pretty busy with school and life, hopefully once I can get my hands on a better computer I can frequent the site more often.
Reply ace
1:38 PM on August 18, 2017 
aaaa I missed it but ty ;w;
Reply Leafy
10:39 PM on August 1, 2017 
Ah thank ya very much! So nostalgic to see a warriors Roleplay site
Reply Light~Sea~
3:45 PM on August 1, 2017 
Hey Slappy....I'm sorry to hear about your dog, I know exactly how that feels. I'm also sorry I haven't been on much, my life has been...well crappy, but I'm hopefully back again. I hope you know I'm here for you even if I'm not on as often, and if you ever want to rp I'm always willing to rp wit you :3 I um well I also wanted to let you know that you've honestly been an amazing friend to me, and I just really wanted to thank you for always being happy to see me on and always being willing to talk and rp with me. You're amazing Slappy
Reply Sugarcrow [Mama Lush]
10:59 PM on July 15, 2017 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Just tired
7:15 AM on July 14, 2017 
Murder and lawger
Reply *Quill-quee*
1:37 AM on July 13, 2017 
Hi flap,
Thx for answering my questions,I almost gave up on this site! I would love to join Skyclan.

Name: dreampaw Age:7 moons Eyes:black Fur: thick Fur colour: silver fox style with lavender brownish over coat Kin: non known Where: barn area Backstory: when born in X clan she had no claws so she quickly was ignored and forgotten as she was useless. Her kin bullied her and but her down tearing her ear after her apprentice ceremony. She fought back biting of her kins tail. After that she was exiled and became a rouge. Current personality ( changeable): very hostile to other apprentice or large groups. She subcludes her self a lot Quirky and fast Likes: turtle shells and ivy and scratching things with her paws Dislikes:mice lice and fruit
Reply HawkSong
10:59 AM on June 22, 2017 
Ahhhh that's terrible! D: I'm so sorry flapp. If you need a virtual shoulder to lean on I'll be here for you.
Reply HawkSong
12:18 AM on June 22, 2017 
LOL. I am doing well actually. I'm going to be taking a test in like a week and it's scary but I've been busy with studying...Did something happen to your doggy? :( I hope you're alright.
Reply HawkSong
11:31 PM on June 21, 2017 
Omg flapp I just got that email and freaked out. I forgot I had an account on here....how you doing?
I'm sorry to hear what your doggo is going throigh, Florp. I hope all is well soon, and I promise to be here when all is well. I'm always here if you need to talk, as well. Stay strong for us, please! ~
Reply ace
3:01 PM on June 2, 2017 
ahhh sorry to hear about your situation :C I hope the best for you and your pupper. and that it'll all be well soon ;-;
Flappy I love you no matter what okay? If you're going through hard times, let ol' raineh know okay? Raineh will be here for you no matter what, and she's fine when people rant to her! So if you need a rant buddy or a pillow to cry on I'm here! *hug*
Reply Fennec Foxeh
2:56 PM on June 2, 2017 
Hey Flapp! I heard you were having a rough time, and wanted to say I'm here for you. Everyone is, actually! My dog is going through a rough time too, so I kinda understand. I hope things look up for you soon c:
Reply RobinFlame (A.k.A, Queen of Fluff)
2:51 PM on June 2, 2017 
Hey Flap! Long time no see! I know I'm probably one of the last people you expected to be back, but here I am! I heard that you were having some sad times, but I just want you to know that you have all of LH12 behind you! You can get through this! We love you!
Reply Ravenflight16
1:32 PM on May 28, 2017 
Light~Sea~Garjzla: Shadowmoon walked into camp, his expression seeming down. His eyes stayed looking st his feet, he looked deep in thought. His blackish pelt was matted in places, and a few small cuts were visible on his body. He padded over to the Warriors den, and roughly laid down in his usual spot. The spot that had been vacant for a few days
{S} Flapp or Shadow: Shadowchaser was by the nursery, having watched petals little while she was away. When the Molly looked up she saw shadow. She couldn't help but smile a bit and stand up, however she stopped when she saw how upset he was, tilting her head before glancing to the kits, noticing they were fast asleep so she hurried to the warriors den "shadow...?" She asked
Light~Sea~Garjzla: Shadowmoon looked up at Shadowchaser and smiled. "Hello Shadow" he said happily enough, but his eyes showed great pain. Greater than the pain of his few cuts. "What're you doing around the nursery?" Confusion clear in his voice
{S} Flapp or Shadow: "my friend wanted to go out to the lake... So I offered to kit sit for her. They've been asleep for hours" she walked over, looking him up and down "are you ok?@ she asked
Light~Sea~Garjzla: Shadowmoon nodded and smiled at her kindness. "She's lucky to have you as a frien" he meowed. He looked at his cuts and shrugged. "They're just cuts. They will be gone in a few days" he said softly. He knew he needed to talj to her, but wondered what she would say
{S} Flapp or Shadow: "yeah well she's.... Been through some weird drama" she explained, then sat down beside him before she began to clean them "I know it's more then just that..."
Light~Sea~Garjzla: "I'm sorry to hear that!" He said honestly. He closed his eyes and purred lightly as she cleaned his wounds. With a soft sigh he continued. "I went to see her...my ex mate I mean...and well it didn't go as I hoped. She begged me to stay, to raise my children that hate me. She asked me to be the father I never have been, and well...she didn't like my answer. I told her I messed up with love once, and it isn't often we get a second chance. I couldn't loose the love I have found here. That may have once been my home, my world, and my family, but all that has changed for me. My kids hate me, and Shadowclan just isn't my home anymore. She got mad and told me to leave. That they didn't need me in their lives anymore." He said, the pain in his voice. "I never thought it would hurt so bad to loose my children. And yet...I'm glad I left. I wouldn't have been happy if I stayed. I would have missed my true home, thunderclan. I would have missed my family here, all of you.most of all though....I would have missed my love. The one who's helped me through everything. The one who has forgiven me time and time again. Who has been there for me every time I needed her. The one who understands me, and I can only hope loves me back" he said, his voice going soft and hopeful at the end. His eyes glistened as he looked back at Shadow
{S} Flapp or Shadow: AHHH LONG
{S} Flapp or Shadow: She stopped licking his wounds in order to listen to him, frowning gently at his story. She never had to face such a fate, all shed ever lost was the privilege of knowing her parents. She moved closer to him and pushed her nose into his cheek "I cant imagine what that is like... And it pains me to think they'd ever do that to you" she said gently, almost oblivious to who he was speaking of. She faced him "im glad you found home and live here, shadow. You don't have to live with that... That reminder if you're happy here" she smiled gently
Reply Light~Sea~
12:40 AM on May 26, 2017 
We needs to rp Shadow and Shadow! *:stalks your life*
When does school get out for you? (Ya dun have to answe, it's just so I can know an estimate of when you'll be more active)

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