August''s Art Contest August''s Art Contest (by Kaydolf) Alright guys, so here is the new contest since people seemed to be confused by the Mad Lib contest lol This is an art one! In this contest, you must capture the playful, mischieviousness, or overall antics of a kit or kits It would be preferred that the pictures be digitally drawn That's really all I have to say about that lol 202396966 Can I eat that? Zephyr as a kit :3 (YES I GOT LAZY ON THE BACKGROUND I DID ZEPHYR FIRST THEN THE BACKGROUND SUE ME ;-; IK ITS BAD FIRST TIME DOING DIGITAL ART AND ON DA MURO) 202409175 Bladekit's New Friend 202411553 Aura's entry Kits at their best eyyyyy 202479952 "Woah.." A young(er) Fatekit's first encounter with a(n extremely small) butterfly! // I think the theme is butterfly now 202440820 Night shenanigans 202557748 Young Love Outline credit : GrowlitheArtistGirl ( ) Not sure if it will count to anything, but I entered :) 202584635 MAMMA GOLDY Again, Not sure if this counts. But I saw this and I was like "Hey.. It's like Goldy and everyone on the site.... Like if the other cat was a kit..." So this is my tribute... Outline Credit at the bottom 202593287