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Motion and Wing Chun Technique Application

Posted by Lawrence Ramirez on May 5, 2014 at 2:30 AM

Motion and Wing Chun Technique Application



 The dragons are spirits of the waters. “The dragon is a kind of being whose miraculous changes are inscrutable.” In a sense the dragon is the type of a man, self-controlled, and with powers that verge upon the supernatural. In China the dragon, except as noted below, is not a power for evil, but a beneficent being producing rain and representing the fecundating principle in nature. He is the essence of the yang, or male, principle. “He controls the rain, and so holds in his power prosperity and peace.” Myths of the Waters, The Dragons, Myths and Legends of China, by Edward T.C. Werner, [1922], at


Early in my Wing Chun training, "Move like a Dragon" was an analogy my Sifu used to describe the evasive and forward, never retreating way in which a Wing Chun practitioner should forge an attack. This idea of forward motion, and constant pressure upon an opponent was fostered and cultivated in various ways every training session.


Changing direction to defuse an opponents oncoming force is one method to employ in an encounter where the oncoming force is strong and overcommitted. In these types of situations a combination of change of stance, hand technique and forward pressure can be utilized to weaken the attack and incapacitate you opponents ability to recover from his own attack.


Constant motion is inevitable in a real fight situation. There will be no staged or choreographed feed and responses from friendly training partners, there will be an ever changing enemy meaning real harm to you or your loved ones if you do not move, change and have answers to movements presented by your attacker/s. One solution, train to defuse oncoming force with change and movement, train to move and be unpredictable as possible.



Reading or perceiving signs, movements, gestures, and signals from an opponent, advancing with ferocity to intercept and thwart forward motion then trapping limbs to destroy an opponents structure and ability to attack is the goal. The methods we use and techniques we train within the Wing Chun system show us ways to achieve this.


"The Tao of Wing Chun is a long path..." Alan Bak Fu Vasquez



Keep the Traditions!




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Reply Michelle Suzuki
12:14 PM on May 23, 2014 
While reading your blog, what came to mind was a quote from one of my favorite kung fu masters who trained under the later Grandmaster Ip...Bruce Lee. It was Bruce Lee's quote to be like water that came to mind when the analogy to "move like a dragon" was mentioned, since it was also mentioned that dragons as being spirits of the water.
Thank you for sharing such an insightful blog.
Reply Lawrence Ramirez
1:34 AM on May 24, 2014 
Michelle, I love this part of the dragons legend from the above excerpt.

He controls the rain, and so holds in his power prosperity and peace.

Much Aloha , be well!