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Feedback - what you said about the singing ...

It’s always lovely to get feedback after workshops and performances, especially when people have enjoyed themselves! So thanks to everyone who has contacted me and looking forward to more good times singing together! - Laura

Feedback from the Mamma Mia workshop - Down Arts Centre, 9 January 2016

'Thanks you so much for another fantastic session today, I loved it as did my friends who are new to the singing experience.  I honestly looked at that crowd of people and thought…how is this going to work….but it was seamless, so I know you must have put incredible work into it, heartfelt thanks. .. Hope you are having a rest and a BIG glass of wine ..'

'Once again thank YOU for the Music. It was a really wonderful session. We have ABBA songs playing all afternoon'

'It was a really enjoyable morning, brightening up a very dreary day. Thank you for organising it!'

'Thank you Laura it was great fun. M and I enjoyed it very much!'

'That was a brilliant day Laura even with the early start lol. A real good-feeling thing and thanks a million for putting it all together for everyone!'

'Well done to you - you put so much into it'

'Well done on Saturday - you must have been wrecked afterwards - we all were, but thoroughly enjoyed it.  You have such a lovely group of singers'

'Thank YOU for the music Laura. We were all saying you must have spent a huge amount of time preparing for today. It was really enjoyable and let's hope we get some new choir members out of it, especially MEN'

'Was a great workshop really enjoyable. Can't wait for the gospel  one - one of my favourite genres .Thanks again for today'

'Hi Laura thanks for a great day. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the gospel day'

'Thanks to you for a wonderful morning of singing'

'Thank you very much for a great workshop, very enjoyable n good fun. Can u please put me down for the gospel workshop' 


Feedback from 'The Events' - at The Mac, 23 April 2014

'Laura, just a quick note to thank you for all the hard work you have put into giving us an amazing experience.Its one of the best things I have ever done and I know many of the others feel the same. Thanks isn't really enough.'

'Really, really enjoyed this evening! It must have been quite a challenge but you were all amazing. Fantastic piece of theatre. Well done!'

'Wasn't it just GREAT? Thank you so much Laura for giving us the opportunity to perform in such a wonderful play and for believing we would step up to the mark on the night. My friends who were there were very impressed, so well done for persevering with us. I don't think I will ever forget who Gavrilo Princip was! Very many thanks.'

'I'm so glad I joined when I did.Wouldn't have missed this for the world! My hubby thought we were all fab.'

'We all had a great are one courageous woman taking this have the courage of your convictions.  Never in my life did I think I would be involved in anything like it. Now...take a rest!'

'As a newcomer to the choir I would just like to acknowledge and thank you for the tremendous work and commitment that you put in to getting us to last night - I really enjoyed the experience!'

'Performing at The Mac last night was an unforgettable experience so thanks Laura for all your hard work in getting us there. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! '

'Thanks Laura for accepting the invitation to enter Voices of Lecale to appear at the MAC in support of 'the events'. A thoroughly enjoyable good night and great for the choir. You have put so much into the choir, time and effort, that just to say 'thank you' seems inadequate but keep up the good work and once again CONGRATULATIONS.'  

'What a great night! I am loving my time at the choir. Thanks Laura for all your hard work. My husband was also v impressed!'  

'I was at the show last night and wanted to say a big congratulations to you and the Voices for a really fantastic performance.  It was a very moving piece, and the choir interaction, singing and involvement made it so unique and powerful. All the best
Rachel PS - really gorgeous rendition of Amazing Grace :-)'

'Just a quick note to say Well Done You!!That must have been nerve-racking. Not only getting us ready, but also doing the solo singing and talking!'

'It is congratulations to you Laura  we would never have had the confidence to do it!' 

'Thanks for a great experience! I've a very sore head, ha ha.!!!
Would you believe Clifford came and joined me, Kate, Elaine and David for a drink at the duke of York last night then I took David and Clifford to a party, ha ha!! I don't think he's going to forget his time here In Belfast.!!!!! Lets hope he doesn't get hangovers like I do.!!!!! Thanks again - you're just wonderful!'

'Class photos- class memories- class choir' 

'Thank you and well done!  - encouraging and believing that we could do it, and great solo parts too! I've really enjoyed all the preparation and being part of the production.

I don't think it's a play I would have particularly enjoyed just going along to the theatre, but most of my friends who were there did enjoy it and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, even though it was a bit daunting and nerve wracking at times! 


 General feedback from workshops and events:

'Thank you for the wonderful work you do' 

'I played your cd over and over again and like it more every time! I would love to see and hear more of your if ever I come to Ireland I'll surely visit you!!!'

'Thank you very much for all your hard work and commitment---today was great and I think EVERYONE enjoyed it - being part of the choir has been the best thing I have done in a long while'
'I just thought I would let you know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the choir since I joined and that  today's recording was just such a wonderful experience.' 

'Thanks so much for making it all possible as I realise it involves a lot of hard work on your part.Thanks also for being so patient with us in practice!

'You have hit so many Win/Win/Wins etc with Voices of Lecale, hard to enumerate them all - firstly you are exercising your own creative gifts, a satisfaction in itself. Making yourself happy in this way enables you to make others happy with your performances.' 

'I wanted to say thanks for sharing your amazing talent ... You were right - all those little things made the difference! Its funny how the microphone focuses the mind!'

'I enjoyed the recording immensely, and can't wait to hear the results. Am very knackered still, but in a good way!

'Thank you for a magnificent day in Rostrevor. The whole day from workshops to the concert was really enjoyable'

'THANK YOU……….a great lump in the throat when we came to sing the Lagan song with Tommy Sands'

'I have made my own recording of me singing Bronagh’s Bell this morning before church.  Elizabeth and I were singing it all the way home across the Mournes to Dundrum; another brill day….well done to you'

'A gigantic THANK- YOU to you, Laura. I had such a super day out yesterday- great company, superb location, good food and, of course the singing was just so uplifting. AND I think we sang really well. I met so many lovely people yesterday. Thanks once again Laura- you are a CLASS ACT'

'A thoroughly enjoyable day for all of us who sang with you, on all levels'

'Yesterday was such a well-planned, yet spontaneous occasion, necessitating much meticulous  pre-event preparation on your part'

'Both your pre-planning beforehand & your spontaneity on the day, made it a  very enjoyable & memorable experience  for the all the singers'

'Certainly a day of food for the soul, (as well as An Cuan's very tasty food for the body - singing always makes me feel hungry!) , & I very much Iook forward to taking part in your next Belfast - held  event'

'Thanks for organising the event. I know how much we enjoyed it and suspect that almost everyone else enjoyed it at least as much'

'The big sing was a great success  - really enjoyed it, you put so much hard work into it, Laura you've earned a big hug and thank you - also  for all your positive energy that we all get from you'

'I was honoured to be there and delighted to get a chance of hearing the choir. Great work you are doing. Looking forward to keeping in touch. all the best' (Tommy Sands)

'Thank you for all your work. Was talking to Fil after the Sands family concert just now and she was singing your praises. We both covet your Bronagh's Bell song!' (Kate Murphy, Festival Committee)

'Well done on putting a lovely programme together at Fiddler's Green after what must have been a long hard day...not surprised at all that you were ready for a rest at the end of it all'

'A friend of ours over from England on holiday joined you that day and really enjoyed the experience very much. I was more than happy to sit back and relax listening to it all but glad to join you for a song next year if you like' (Colm Sands)

'Everyone who was present at the BIG SING owes you a huge thank you for all the enjoyment they had when taking part . Can I add my thanks to you as well for the day which was great throughout. So many fine songs-particularly Ho ike Mai-the Hawaiian Song' 

'Fun, up-lifting & incredible that we sound so good in such a short time!'

'I leave the class with a great lift of spirit and sing all the way home in the car'

'The world seems a much nicer place - I go away feeling happier'

'Thanks for a lovely uplifting time every Wednesday'

'Thank you for your enthusiasm, leadership and for getting me singing again'

'Thank you for introducing me to such lovely music'

'Thank you for a fabulous year of singing - I have enjoyed every minute!'

'Inclusive, hard work and fun!'

'Recovering from illness and this class is a tonic'

'Have been coming to this class since the beginning - it keeps getting better and better!'

'The craic, the friendship and the singing - wouldn't miss it'

'Love the harmonies and learning so many new songs'

'More gospel, spirituals and world songs - love it'