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Laundry operation! You think about the savings or income it can generate.  So let?s talk about the basic machine production output, that is machine capacity.

You shop around for suppliers and inquire about a washing machine capacity. If the salesperson tells you that the capacity is __ KILOS, you should be able to quickly ask back the question "How did you come-up with that capacity?"

Actually, in professional laundry, machine capacity  is not measured by weights alone. Several factors are involved that will lead you to developing wash formulas. These wash formulas can be translated to accounting thus realizing your cost per kilogram of washload. A professional hands-on laundry seminar is required to fully understand developing wash formulas. A good laundry manager must be good at this!

Now for beginners, let us talk about  one factor, washer loading or filling ratio. A ratio of dry washload in kilos and washer drum or tub volume. This is important if you talked about the amount of mechanical action or beating the washload will received inside the drum.

For example, a 1:1 loading ratio, that is, a kilo of washload will be washed inside a vessel with a space volume of 1 Liter. A literall example would be a maong pants to be washed inside a 1 Liter of soft drinks bottle. Can you imagine the mechanical or washing action the maong pants will received. Definitely none.

In short, enough space or drum volume is one key factor to consider in buying a washing machine. Weights are relative to the machine's carrying capacity only and not the washing capacity. Temperate country's compared to tropical ones may use a different loading ratio as clothes in tropical countrys accumulate more dirts.

So next time you need a washing machine, take note of the drum volume and apply your desired loading ratio! Bigger drum volume bigger capacity!


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