NOTE: The DSLR-1 and DSLR-2 are being completely RE-DESIGNED as of July, 2011.  I was not happy with the limited stereo base of the first design pictured on these pages. A prototype has been made of a completely NEW design, and the results are very exciting!  The new model will have a variable stereo base of 2.5 through 6", and will accomodate all full sensor DSLR cameras with focal lengths from 35mm and up.  Please disregard all the specs of the DSLR-1 and 2 pictured on this website, and check back soon for the new version.

RED EPIC: This 3DAdvantage system is a perfect mate for the new and incredible RED EPIC digital video camera.  Stereo 3d movie making has never been simpler!  We are now designing a fully functional system that will couple to the Red Epic with ease.  Please stay tuned! 


                     3D ADVANTAGE DSLR-1

You can now take advantage of the superior qualities of your DSLR and produce stunning stereo photographs with the new 3D Advantage DSLR -1.  Building on the sterling performance of the Tri Delta beamsplitter for creating stereo pictures virtually free of distortion, the DSLR-1 features a patented mirror arrangement that accomodates even large lenses to take pictures with a stereo base adjustable from two and a half inches to four inches.  Now you can shoot stereo in raw format, high resolution, low light and all the other features offered by the high end DSLR's.  The 3D Advantage DSLR-1 has a spring-loaded mirror carriage that moves with the zooming of the lens. 

An optional flash bracket will plug into the handle of the DSLR-1, allowing the use of external flash at different heights and positions for those professional photographs.  A flash bracket with umbrella connection is also available.  The 3D Advantage also has a tripod socket.

The DSLR is the optimum digital camera.  Couple that with the 3D Advantage DSLR-1 and you have the optimum digital stereo camera system.  Stereo viewfinder is in the works, and will be available soon.

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