Lancs Area Naval Re-enacting Association

What a surprise...... another year over and another year passing rapidly as it is now July 2015.... where does the time go?

Apologies for all those who have accessed this site recently and think we have closed down or something has happened. The truth is the site has now reached its maximum allowance and to continue means deleting pages and/or pics to continue. I have been trying to find another site to transfer this one too but have been unsuccessful.  However I have found a compromise in that I have now opened up a flickr site ( where I will post pictures from our events. This will mean removing them from here to there which will free up space for more pages but will take time. I have also joined up with the Lytham St Annes Spifire Team which is local for me. My Dad was in the Fleet Air Arm Branch of the Royal Navy at the latter part of the War and as Spitfires were carried by RN Carriers (known as Seafires) it seemed something worthwhile to do. I have changed my Branch badge on my uniform from Stoker to Aircraft Handler (Engineer) as that was my Dad's area. It means I can still wear my Ratings uniform and thus chat 'Royal Navy' as well as information on the role of the Sea fires during the War.

I am in the process of compiling all those venues we will be attending this year and in the next few days will be adding to those pages. Mainly they will be Churnet Valley; East Lancs Railway; Ingleton and, locally, Lytham as well as also  the Lytham St Annes Spitfire team events . 

I am ex Royal Navy and have been interested in uniforms from those days as it was a regular thing to 'swap' odd items of uniform with other sailors from other Navies when paths crossed abroad. Gradually I amassed quite a few items and then decided to add to these to obtain complete uniforms. I have now collected uniforms from most Navies around the World. However it appeared that I was a lone soul with an unusual collection that no one else was interested in. Over the past number of years I had noted numerous groups/societies/clubs holding 40s and other types of weekends where quite a number of people appeared in all sorts of appropriate uniforms.
Eight years ago myself and a colleague decided to attend the 40s week at the Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster wearing some of my collection. As it turned out we were the only two 'sailors' on Parade and were absolutely amazed at the interest shown. With the majority being Army and Air Force of both the UK and the US our WWII Royal Navy and USN Navy uniforms certainly turned heads. We were also invited to attend for a longer period in 2007 to assist with the school parties. This we did and it was good to see a few more representing the Senior Service and further into this site we show some pictures taken.

At the same time we heard about re-enactment groups and forums on the Internet and so investigated and joined a few of them. However the main problem has been the number which are 'down South' and a lack 'up North'. To try and see if anyone else is interested in re-enactment in the North West I have created the Lancs Area Navy Re-enactment Association (abbreviated to L.A.N.R.A.). This is for those who are interested in Navy (or ANY) re-enactment in or near to the North West.

We now regularly act as escorts to Winston Churchill at both the Crich Events; and also attend other events in similar capacity as listed within our pages. Two years ago we had the honour of being the Ceremonial Guard at a 'Naval' Wedding at the East Lancs Railway 40s event forming the Sword Arch outside the Church in Ramsbottom which certainly drew a good crowd of admirers. Last year we were asked to perform the same again and this year did similar at the 1st Anniversary of the people who actually did get married a year ago at their 1st Anniversary reception.

We would also add that we do not charge for our services as we enjoy joining in although we do appreciate the free entrance tickets, etc, and thus feel we are more than repaying these with our assistance as required. We have also recently joined with some local compatriots and enjoy giving short lectures at local schools for those classes doing WWII seminaries.

With the number of uniforms, etc, that I have collected, I have more than enough to loan any as necessary and will give any instructions regarding the correct manner of saluting, etc and also how to dress correctly. It is surprising at a number of events when you get just a blank look from people dressed as Officers who, after being saluted,  seem not to realise that this form of recognition should be returned. However that is, to us, all part of the fun.

    So if you are interested in joining or making contact with us  we would like to hear from you:

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