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                       Blossom & Mirrac Puppies


We were absolutely delighted to announce the safe arrival of 7 healthy puppies born on 11th October 2010 (All Puppies are sold)

 This is a Co-Breeding between ourselves at Lanebern & Britt Marit Halvorsen of Bernegarden kennel Norway

Blossom x Mirrac Puppy Pedigree.jpg

Sire: Opdykes Midnight Miracle (Short coat) 

A very big thank you to Britt for allowing us to have the first Mirrac puppies in England




Our Bullmastiff Maisie & Oldwell Gladstone were the proud parents of 11 lovely puppies

All Puppies from this litter are now sold
Maisies Puppies - 7 Weeks old
Maisies puppies at play - 6 weeks & 2 days old

We successfully Mated Angel to a super dog Opdykes Going My Way aka 'Giorgio' & we are pleased to confirm that they all arrived safely.

Simone & Pumba @ 14weeks



Angel - Mother to Simone & Pumba


Angel at Crufts 2006

We are very proud to announce that on 16th June 2007 'Angels' puppies arrived safe & well!


Both Angel & her pups are still doing very well. They were born naturally & we are very very happy with her large chunky babies & Angel is a very natural mother.  Both puppies have had a sucessful time so far in the showring


Previous litter Born 16th July 2007

Chandlimore The Challenger with Lanebern 'Danny' x Drosera Hazel at Lanebern 'Bella'

Danny decided that an opportunity was too good to miss & embarked on seducing our Bella - much to our suprise!!

Bella delivered 5 live puppies (4 Girls & 1 Boy), all are in their new homes.

                 Suzie                                       Sam                              Lucy 




Previous Litter born 18th November 2006:

Previous Litter from Amber & Danny born in November 2006


Chandlimore The Challenger with Lanebern 'Danny' x Akura Stop 'n' Stare at Karmonbel  'Amber'

Danny & Amber are the proud parents of 8 pups..... 5 boys & 3 Girls.

FOUR of these lovely pups have now ventured into the showring!!

Checkout Tia, Queenie, Bobby & Monty!! (Click each name to go to their pages!)

Here is 'Queenie' at her new home. Note the cute bib!!!



Rosie at her new home, 8 weeks old


 Rosie at 10 - 12 weeks


Rosie having a cuddle in the snow


Bobby looking more like his Daddy 'Danny' every day!!





Previous Litter born 19th January 2006:

 Drosera Hazel at Lanebern 'Bella' x Bernmont Ursus 'Ursus'


Bella & Ursus were the proud parents of 5 lovely babies in January 2006. 3 Boys & 2 Girls are all in their new homes & are doing well!

Music: Enya - 'On My Way Home' from the Album 'Paint the Sky with Stars'

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