Lancaster and south lakes animal rights

Voice of the voiceless

In today's world, non-human animals are used and abused for their flesh, for their skin, for "science" and even for sport. They are kept in dirty, cramped conditions, subjected to painful experiments, slaughtered in their billions, and even forced to perform 'tricks' for human entertainment. We are a group of concerned people in Lancaster and south lakes, who are campaigning towards a better world for animals. We argue that animal exploitation is unecessary for human existence, and are taking a pro-active approach to creating a society where cruelty is no longer commonplace. We do this through activities such as letter writing, educating, awareness raising, signature collecting and attending demonstrations. We meet informally once a month to plan activites, contemplate the state of the world and socialise with like-minded people. Newcomers are always welcome just send us an e-mail or telephone and let us know you are coming.

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