Lambada Zouk ( Uncut)

Dance With Passion, Dance With Style, Dance From The Heart


The main function of the beginners class is for students to get an understanding of the basic steps of Lambada Zouk

Students learn the importance of connection with their partner.

Students learn to listen and understand the music with the focus being the rhythm.

Students learn to perform basic turns and combination with the main focus being able to perform these steps with clarity and style.

Students learn the importance of weight and how it dictates movement, they also learn how to really look at their bodies in a different way and how to create the look of  a dancer.

The warm up and warm down at this level serves a multitude of purposes, but most importantly is the establishment of a connection with self and the sharing of self with your partner

Improvers & Intermediates

The warm up at this level becomes more complex with the idea of really not only making the student physically stronger but also far more flexible.

The student learns how to not only listen to the rhythm but also other aspects of the music.

The student learns how to dance with the freedom of being able to confidently connect with the various parts of the music and how to convey that message to their partner.

The idea of sharing the dance is explored in a far greater details.

Moves are taught not as an end in itself but as a means of exploring the dance, in the same way that a skilled footballer always seem to have time on the ball no matter what's happening around him and thus able to skillfully select the appropriate pass;  The dancer now learns to connect with the music and partner and moves in a totally different way. Moves are never just taught, the student must learn how to own combinations and how to create them for him/herself.

Different genres of music is explored in order to increase the dancers skill to create.

The dancer learns to lead from the centre, to work from within to create from without.

There is a lot of improv in this level

There is also a lot more technique exercises.

Advanced Students

This is about being great, Nuff said

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