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Lindale is known as one of the most innovative Lambada Zouk teacher/dancer in London,  Lindale's passion for the dance is something he enjoys sharing with his students.

Lindale's been dancing and performing Lambada Zouk for over  sixteen  years and brings a wide range of experiences as well as numerous  appearances on stage and screen to his classes.  . Lindale is the originator of the Lyrical Zouk Style of dancing, Lambada Zouk London style.

Lindale's been involved in the arts from the age of eight, his early years were spent taking part in theatre productions as well singing mini concerts for his fellow students.  At the age of fourteen, Lindale's family emigrated to the New York, where Lindale studied television, radio and film production at Brooklyn College and NYU, founded a theatre group called "Phoenix Models" and after getting his degree studied acting, privately as well as taking  classes at HB Studios.

"While living in New York,  I wanted to try everything, I've been a producer, director, poet, actor etc. It was always a major theme in my life to get as much experience in the arts as possible, I've even undressed models for a living"

" The best thing about living in New York was it taught be to have faith in myself, be determined and follow my dreams and just as importantly, encourage others to do the same"

On returning to England after thirteen years, Lindale threw himself into the London arts scene, he continude to do voice work as well as acting work and did a lot of dancing to funk and hip hop.  It was during this period, Lindale decided that he wanted to work more in partner dance inspired by his close friend the legendary Oxley Of London.  Lindale first took classes with Beto Daltro, however this was short lived as Lindale was badly injured playing sunday football and spent nine months rebuilding the strength in his legs.

It was during that time , Oxley of London held a salsa Lambada event on a boat just off the embankment and invited Lindale along and it was there that he saw Berg Dias dance for the first time.

" It was amazing to see someone dance partner dance with such masculinity as well as a streetwise, cool. I went up to him and said , " I'm taking your classes" and it took off from there, once my legs were strong enough again  I lived and breathed Lambada".

Lindale's follows a distinct idealogy he believes it's important that each student gets the tools necessary for them to fly, they must understand what it means to be a dancer and they must believe in their instincts and that they have something special to offer.  In that regard, he teaches a well structured class, which is unique because it contains elements of ballet, jazz and contemporary and he uses a wide variety of musical styles to make a point, don't be surprised if you come to his class and hear swing music.

" Never be afraid to raise the bar"


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