Kylie Lowe "Raw and Real"


Welcome to my website.  Please take the time to have a look, there are specific parts dedicated to keeping you updated on my journey.

"About Me" is about me.

"My Journal" captures my  thoughts, reflections, emotions and insights.   It captures the rollercoaster.

The "Photo Gallery" of my journey will include pics taken along the way.  These will include before and afters, scars (look if you're game), breastfeeding, the evolution of my hairdo and more... 

The "Forums" allow us to chat to each other on line whenever we like.  I am most likely spending time with my two girls - they keep me very busy so if I don't respond straight away, don't worry - I will get in here as often as I can.  There are plenty of us around anyway so don't be shy, hopefully there is someone on line most hours to share a word with. 


"Useful Links" is exactly that.  When I found out I had breast cancer I spent many hours looking for answers on the internet, in books, and talking to 'experts'.  I found gaps in areas of Breastfeeding and Natural Medicine which I will continue to add to the site.

The Calendar tells you what is happening from Chemo dates to Fundraisers and everything in between.  The fundraiser will be on Saturday 14th March in Brisbane, see Fundraising page for details.  Make sure you lock it in the diary and call Scott or Simone if you can help with donations or assistance on the night, it will be a cracker!

I will also use the site to direct people here if I am not up for a convo and are having a bad chemo week!

Thank you for taking the time to share my journey with me.