Avenging Akatsuki

~the true elites~

see ya

sorry everyone for the inactivity but I have to close the clan I have too much to do and it never got off the ground sorry but this is goodbye


OK it seems that ku-akatsuki has been getting stale so I'm changing the name to AVENGING AKATSUKI if there are any objections please tell me I will change everyones avatars and sigs if they need them

new design

how does everyone like the new template I think we needed a change I was gettin board with the old one if anyone has any ideas for the site please tell me we need a revamp

another huge update

hey its KH and I need to say I'm disgusted with all of you!! not a post in weeks, not even sir-raych and nodda. so everyone has lost their ranks, only myself and emohunterx have kept their ranks to gain them back you have to apply for them also I want to remind everyone to check the forums I put up a rules post please check it out

second I would like to say that against my better judgement I have taken yet another weekend to work on ku-akatsuki and the fruits of that labor are 2 new members  



and a new site


everyone please check it out  and register

but if I don't see more activity then  I don't know what will happen to ku-akatsuki 

avatars and signatures

I have the first official ku-akatsuki forum signature check it out


and heres the first avatar I made (this ones for me but there are more to come 


Kisame is back

I would like to announce that samurai99777 or kisame99777 has returned to kuakatsuki as our #9 but he comes at a hard time noone is ever on and I need you kuakatsuki was going to expand to a second site and forum but I will not until we get at least 4 people posting in the forums weekly and raych to get on more because I need my  lietenant NOW

Ku-Akatsuki ALERT!!

everyone it is time for ku-akatsuki to finally make its move please meet me on the forums all members there are many things I want to discuss with you including missions for all members certain threads will be made so only members can enter so if you are not a member please register on the "join us" page

1000th VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

 we have just got out 1000th visit. this is tuely a milestone in our quest to be the ~true elites~ and I'm throwing a party to commemorate this momentous occasion go to the forums and ther will be a party thread  everybody just talk and have fun  don't worry  about work  until monday just have as much fun with the site as you can, and the chatbox will be in party mode too

 also I would like to commemorate noddlives's promotion to lieutenant of the 2nd division

a huge update 

 hello you may have noticed that the site is compleatly new and better, its because of the freewebs beta server and many hours of work.but the site is a bit buggy still and is being changed every day.

please when you can go to the "join us" page and join the site so you can get notification via e-mail of updates to the site. I also recently created the 2nd division of the clan, lead by emohunterx go to the members area to chek it out

 I also want to inform you of updates 

A) any special requests for seats will only be accepted in a formal manner on the forums

B) I want to inform everyone that I will soon be expanding the clan to forums and other types of sites 

C) I will also ask everyone to try to get on once a week to check things out and crap

D) I also started a chat page for chatboxes if you were wondering about where the chat box went

E) finally I would like to say that I am sooo proud of the clan, its more than I ever expected. I also want to give props to people who really deserve it. sir-raych, for continued help with the site and for being the most active member of all. gaara*21 for being a great 3rd seat. nodda for being a refreshing help in a site where being serious is too common. and kyuubi-naruto for keeping active. and anyone I forgot THANKS. I'm so proud of ku-akatsuki, my members, and well everything.



EDIT: we also want to welcome our newest member Anueras 

EDIT 2: we also want to welcome gara-oft-the-funk, itchu-lover, and cado92 

another report from the front lines

hello Its me KH and I would like to announce our new 2nd in command sir-raych

though kisame99777 had to leave us, and he will be missed we must move on.

for new teams go to http://www.freewebs.com/kuakatsuki/akatsukiforums.htm?forumID=922180&page=1&topicID=440684

also please check out the members page for other changes.

finally i would like to announce that though I have humongous help from raych and nodda with the site i do not have much time to play naruto-arena so you may only see me on every now and again but I will be on and i will now again check the site daily as in the past

ku-akatsuki report

hello this is khmaniac101 I would like to welcome everyone to the revamped site you will notice that all pages have backgrounds also each page has new additions.

also I would like to acknowledge our newest members  sir-raych,  kyubbi-naruto, kasekage-sama, and noddalives. Another thing is that we now have many new alliances the akatsuki demon clan, the sand kages clan, scarabs (run by our #2 kisame99777) and pkk knights (directly affiliated and run by our #4 garra_uchiha). finally I would like to stress that I would like all conversations to be moved to the akatsuki forums if I do not see some change in the spamming of the chatbox for anything other than direct conversations between the members of our clan and possible members.

for now this is all but there will be more and more updated as time goes on.

hey everyone

Hi this is khmaniac101 this site is for my naruto arena clan to talk with each other privately and discuss clan wars. also this is a place for other clans to try to make alliances. we owe all our ideas to naruto and naruto-arena.com, but this site as of 4/10/07 is under construction so expect problems until further notice also we will be adding things every day so till later dattabyo

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