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The White Ship was the twelfth century Titanic, the most catastrophic maritime disaster of the Middle Ages.  When she foundered, all souls but one perished.

At the dawn of England’s history, King Henry the First established peace and justice in Normandy.  A cultural creative renaissance emerged which intermingled Anglo Saxon and Norman legacies.  The White Ship brings to life the colorful era of England’s last Saxon king.

King Henry’s son, Prince William the Atheling, embodied the hope of a shining future, a dream that would be shattered when Henry’s illegitimate first-born son, Robert of Gloucester, involved his cousin Stephen in a dark conspiracy to kill the prince and seize control of the throne of England.

The tale of The White Ship unfolds through the eyes of three childhood friends: its builder and captain, Thomas Fitz Stephen, his best friend Sir Martin of the forest, and the woman they both love, the Lady Wandrille.

Nearly 800 years before the Titanic, the White Ship embarked upon her maiden voyage.  Like the Titanic, they called her unsinkable.  She was the grandest, swiftest, most beautiful ship in the world.  Europe’s finest knights, ladies, and nobles danced upon her deck beneath the stars.  She carried England’s most cherished treasure, its future king.

The White Ship was destined to change the course of history.  This is her story.