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He’s a gourmet cook.  He’s a serial killer.  His meals are to die for, and you’re the main dish.

The Catacomb Gourmet is a mystery laced with dark humor and a pinch of horror.

Who is killing the members of a musical theater workshop?

Ivy Noble, owner of San Diego’s popular West Side Storybooks, is an amateur psychic.  The card of death haunts her readings.  When fellow members of her local workshop start disappearing, death also haunts her dreams.  Ivy believes they have been been murdered.

Jerzy Lipinsky is a retired police officer turned private eye.  Ivy hires him to look into the disappearances of her friends, which are oddly similar to his search for a missing Navy wife.

The killer is a gourmet cook whose victims’ lives end in his macabre hidden catacomb.  Secretly using his victims as the prime ingredients in his recipes, he serves each delectable meal to his unaware significant other.  Who is she, and who was the only whole skeleton carefully preserved in the catacomb?

Four men connected with the workshop are gourmet cooks.  Which one of them is the Catacomb Gourmet?  Can Ivy Noble, working together with the help of her new friend Jerzy Lipinsky, solve the mystery before one of them becomes the Gourmet’s next victim?