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Time is running out for Atlantis.  More ships join the exodus daily.  No one has contributed more to the sundown of their civilization than King Jehan and his mother, the diabolical Dowager Queen Da Nu Ta, whose depravity helps plunge their world into darkness.  The power behind the throne, Da Nu Ta’s experiments with cross breeding and genetic engineering have produced a slave class called manimals, creatures that are part human, part animal.

Da Nu Ta’s late husband, the great King Atlas, was brother to the High Priest Napishtim.  Napishtim and his sons are building a massive ship that will transport his family and his wife’s menagerie, two of every species, across the Eastern Sea.  Fantys, half lion, half man, is the slave of the puppet king, Jehan.  Fantys plans to escape to freedom with the winged maiden he loves aboard Napishtim’s ship, taking his magnificently-crafted crystal skull to the new world.

Man’s interference with natural laws has brought Atlantis to the brink of extinction.  Much of the vast continent in the Atlantic Ocean has already been destroyed by a combination of centuries of upheaval caused by wars and the misuse of technology.  What is left, Poseidia with its beautiful City of Glass Towers and its outlying provinces is a technologically-advanced empire that remains the center of the world.

Poseidia’s massive volcano, Mount Atlas, threatens to erupt, and with every disturbance, the Sons of Belial, led by King Jehan and Da Nu Ta, sacrifice innocents in the arena’s dreadful crocodile pit to appease the gods.

Princess Miryam and her sister, Amara, are Napishtim’s nieces and his adopted daughters.  Miryam and her mate from a planet in a distant galaxy, Thanos the star rider, builder of pyramids, plan to start a new life in primitive Egypt.  They are anticipating the birth of their first child.

The wedding of Princess Amara and Prince Salamander, an Emissary from Turtle Island, across the Western Sea, will be the family’s last celebration before the final exodus.

Da Nu Ta, obsessed with a desire for immortality and power is determined to find and possess Napishtim’s secret fountain of youth.  The murderous queen hatches a villainous plot to kidnap Napishtim’s beloved grandson Tim and hold him ransom.  His abductor leads the trusting child up the smoking slopes of Mount Atlas as the volcano erupts, unleashing a horrendous storm of winds, earthquakes, and tidal waves.

It is up to Fantys and Napishtim’s faithful Wolf Who Smiles to risk their lives in search of Tim amid the terror and chaos of a dying world.

Atlantean Knights weaves a common thread through a tapestry of myths from the dawn of time.  Flying horses, winged maidens, unicorns, mermaids, and centaurs live within its pages, along with ancient legends which include Noah’s Ark, the mysterious crystal skull, the fountain of youth, the Tibetan cave of the ancients, the Pyramids, the origin of the Amerindian teepee, Stonehenge, and the Sphinx.