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updated 10/11/2019

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My parents litter of pups were born the night of October 8th, 2019. 3 males and 5 females. All are black and rust. They will be ready to go home with their ears cropped around the middle of December. $2000 on limited AKC registration and $2500 on full AKC registration..

Please see the "My parents' dogs" tab for more info on their upcoming litter for fall of 2019.

Why do I only sell cropped pups? 

My breeding goal is to produce a healthy, protective, loyal dog. These pups will have medium to high drive. In using strong European bloodlines, these dogs are tougher and more protective than the American lines. They will look after their humans at all cost, even to themselves. They are devoted to YOU. If a situation arises where your dog needs to protect you and goes after a "bad guy" that bad guy is going to try to remove the dog from themselves. How? Grabbing whatever they can, ears, tails, legs, etc. A cropped ear is less easy to grab a hold of that a long floppy on. A short tail is harder to grab than a long tail that could be grabbed and broken.  This in the end serves to protect your dog from injury. I want to hold true to what a doberman should be, a committed protector and devoted friend to you and your family (and mine). If you are looking for a overtly friendly dog who loves anyone and everyone who comes over to your house, the doberman is not for you. They are very discerning who they are friends with. People who frequent you home will be welcomed. People who rarely come over will be subject to scrutiny from your dog and most likely if you are okay with the person, your dog will be fine with them too.



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What is the first line of protection for

your home and family? 

Secondary to God of course, my Doberman

is my first line of defense. They are always

on duty, and their protective instinct is

hardwired into their breeding.

Violence is more prevalent in our culture

today from the lack of respect for others.

One always seems to respect a large, barking,

intimidating dog, especially a Doberman.

The media has been successful in

creating a fear of them so lets use it to our


This is what I aim to breed for, a protective

dog who is loyal and loving to their family.

My breeding creates stable, instinctual,

physically sound, trusted protectors.

Yes, they can still be socialized and trained

as therapy dogs, or guide dogs. That is where

the "instinctual" comes in. A dobe is a master

at discerning friend from foe. Are they still

"pretty"? Yes! Can the compete with the American

show-lines? Heck yes. My kids participate heavily

in 4-H. They do showmanship, obedience, and agility.

These dogs can do it all!

TKS Parents are vWD and DCM tested,

 no Z factor, European bloodlines (occasionally a 50/50 american/ euro mix).

All pups will be sold on full or limited AKC registration with ear crop.

Good stout, athletic pups.

Lifetime breeder support

Raised with my family for your family.

$300 Deposits will be taken with a contract once pups .

Total cost of pup with limited registration and crop is

$1800 we do accept payments on the pup up until they are 12 weeks old.


If you are interested making a deposit, please email me the answers to my questionnaire page.  Of course the pups will have their tails docked, and dew claws removed, they will be current on vaccinations and worming. The 2018 price for pups will be $1800 with limited registration, and cropped. All pups in these litters are excellent Doberman representatives. 

Pups cropped, will be ready to go home at 10-12 weeks old  because I like to work with their ears for a couple of weeks and give them time to heal. They are well socialized and sound desensitized. 

Other exciting news...I am a CGC evaluator! Contact me about testing your dog for the CGC title!

previous pups

 Email for more information. I would like a questionnaire from you so we can get to know you.

We have live near Polk, Ne and are always available for support. That's about 1.2 hours from Lincoln, 40 minutes from Grand Island. I am always an email or phone call away! Just ask if you have questions. We are frequently to the Grand Island, Lincoln, and Springfield, MO areas.

Check out the puppy page for more info and pictures.

We will still maintain the same phone number and email address feel free to contact us for you dog related questions.

402-560-2619 or

I am so lucky to have a lot of the new puppy owners send me pictures. We love seeing how our babies have grown. It is also important to me to know they are being well cared for, in my mind this is solid proof. Thanks so much for sending me your photos! I have some more that I have to get scanned in so this is who I have now...keep checking back to see your baby's picture.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a pup from us in the past, we really enjoy meeting everyone.

See the puppy page for photos and more info.

If you are looking for a devoted companion to join you on your life's journey, you have found the place. We are committed to raising a smart, healthy, and sound puppy. Because our pups are raised with our family, you can be assured of the temperament of these pups. Our boys are 5 and 3 -1/2, so all our animals, are kid tested and parent approved. I believe that a quality doberman should be able to perform multiple roles. Those pups we raise are capable of many things, bred to include: Family Companions, Guardians, Obedience, Agility, Therapy, and Conformation.

All of our pups come with full AKC registration applications, health papers, are current on all vaccinations and worming, have their tails docked, with dew claws removed, and they are full of life and love. I perform a temperament test on the pups at six -seven weeks to give me an idea of their temperament. I can help you find the perfect match for your family and level of dog experience. Even after you take your puppy home, I am still available for help. We also offer the assurance that your puppy/ dog is always welcome here if something in your life should take place that forces you to give up your dog.

Take this fun quiz (part 3) to test your doberman knowledge! (answers at the bottom of the page)

1) What is the difference between full and limited AKC registration?

2) What age do the pups eyes open?

3) What age are doberman pups' tails docked and dew-claws removed?

4) At what age do pups start eating solid food?

5) At what age does socialization begin?

Quiz 3 answers:

1) Limited AKC registration means pup can not be shown in "conformation classes" of AKC, they can be shown in obeidience classes and other preformance classes. These pups should not be bred, if they are, AKC will not register them. 

Full AKC registration means pups can be shown in any AKC event, any pups resulting from these animals are eligible for registation. These pups should represent the best of the doberman breed and have qualities that are superior to pass on to future generations.

2) Pups eyes usually begin to open around 2 weeks of age, their ears open up shortly before that. They smell right away...that's how they find their first meal.

3) I usually like to have their tails cropped between 2-3 days of age.

4) Pups usually start trying solid food when they are around 4 weeks old. We usually start them out on some canned food and hard feed that has been soaked with water.

5) "mom" is not usually real happy with us handling pups until they are around 4 days old, even at a week, she gets a little nervous and has to clean the "human scent" off of them.

Quiz 2

1) How much grooming does a doberman need?

2) What ages of children are dobermans suited to be around?

3) Can dobermans get along with small animals?

4) How old is the doberman when the tails are cropped?

5) What is the difference between limited and full AKC registation?

Quiz 2 answers:

1) Dobermans do not require much grooming. A bath every week and a brush down is more than enough. Every dog needs their nails trimmed and ears cleaned out on a regular basis. Dobermans are on the low end of the grooming needs scale. They do shed, but their hair is so small, it is not really noticeable.

2) If a doberman is well socialized around kids, at any age, they are suitable to be around them. My dobes are bred and raised with families in mind. Even if you don't have kids, socializing them at the park (on leash), or with other family members kids is very effective.

3) Yes they can. Our pups are raised from the start with a cat and a yorkie. It is easier this way as both animals put the pups in their place quickly and they don't bother them. BUT, you have to keep this socialization up. If you take the pup home and don't let him/her meet another small critter until they are one...that might not go so well.

4) Puppies tails are cropped when they are 2-3 days old. Their dew-claws are removed at this time as well. They recover very fast and have no lasting effects other than being not likely to break their tail in the future if it were left uncropped.

5) Full registration should only be given to those animals deemed "breeding quality". This means no major faults as noted by AKC. These dogs are able to participate in any AKC sponsored event. Limited registration animals are those who may have a fault but that doesn't mean it can't and won't be a terriffic family pet. Limited registration animals are only able to compete in many other AKC sponsored event other than conformation shows.

Quiz 1 answers:

1) What was the doberman originally bred for?

2) What types of dogs were used to develop the doberman?

3) How many coat colors does AKC recognize in the doberman?

4) When does a doberman become fully mature?

5) What is the AKC standard size for the doberman?

1) The dobe was originally bred for protection and companionship. Much thought went into developing a breed that would be low owner-aggressive but high stranger-aggressive. The dogs I breed for still retain some of the "stranger-danger" sense, but are not attack dogs. They bond very well with the entire family and are very discerning with friend and foe. They will really look to their owners reaction (to the stranger) to judge how they should react.

2) While Heir Dobermann did not keep written records of the breeds he used to develop his dogs, it is widely believed that the greyhound, german pinscher, rott, manchester terrier, beauceron, and weimaraner were used.

3) AKC recognizes four coat colors: black, red, blue, and fawn. Blue and fawn colored dogs have a diluted gene from either the black or red coat. It is loosely easy to predict what colors you can get when you breed different coats together. Black coated dogs carry a gene pattern noted to be either: DDBB, DDBb, DdBB, DdBb. Black is a very dominant coat color for dobes, red is the next common. Blue and fawn are recessive colors, thus two recessive genes must come together to have a blue dog.

4) Dobermans take a long time to mature, in my experience they may not be fully mature until they are 2-1/2 to 3 years of age. This includes both physically and mentally.

5) AKC standard for the doberman states that males should be between 26-28" tall, females should be between 24-26" tall. They are defined as a medium sized dog! NOT king sized, or over-sized. If they are breed bigger, they tend to loose their agility. It is also very possible that there is an increase in incidence of hip dysplashia. Think about many yorkies do you know that have hip problems? The larger the dog, the shorter the life span.

Look for more fun quiz questions in the future! Now, stop sitting at the computer and go enjoy your dog!