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Welcome from Kristin

Remember the classic movies from the thirties and forties?  Movies like His Girl Friday, The Thin Man, Bringing Up Baby, and My Man Godfrey?  The conversation was clever and rapid-fire, the characters were quirky and attractive, the mood was suggestive and subtle.  They were never in-your-face, but you remembered them long after the show was over.

I write with those classics lurking in my head.  Screwball comedy or romantic mystery, novel or short story, I want you to stay up past your bedtime to find out how my story ends.  You'll smile and frown, laugh out loud, and twist the corner of your blanket as you wonder what happens next.  I write books you can read on the beach, but they won't fade in your memory as the sun goes down.

Take a stroll around my site to learn more about me and my work.  Check out where my thoughts are wandering on my blog.  See what I like to surf on the Web.  Let me know you were here.  And come back often to see what's new.

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