W.E. Krill, Jr. Licensed Professional Counselor

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Areas of Training/Seminars/Groups

Please note that we can tailor any training, seminar, or group to best fit your needs. We'd love to meet with you to talk about how we can partner to serve your population!

Relational Aikido: Learn the skills of non-violent verbal self-defense with difficult people.
    Appropriate for: kids, teens, adults, corporate training for customer care, working environment, team strengthening, women's groups, LGBT groups, dealing with bullies in       school, workplace, dealing with abusive ex's.

Anger Management: A cognitive-behavioral self-help approach making use of Relational Aikido training to help those with rapid emotional and behavioral reactivity that is causing difficulty in their lives.
             Appropriate for: people of any age who have been in relationship, work, or legal trouble due to their anger behaviors. Perfect for agencies or human service                                 providers; we can provide the course to your clients, or train your staff in the program.

Gentling: An interactive approach to helping people with PTSD.
                Appropriate for: any age person or group, lay or professional, that would like to learn how to approach and assist people who have PTSD.

Depression and Anxiety Seminar: A unique, image-rich CBT self-help seminar with many practical, down-to-earth tools for those who suffer from depression and anxiety.
                Appropriate for: organizations such as churches or businesses that undoubtedly have a percentage of their members who suffer from these two most common                          mental health issues.

Magic: Learn entertaining and fun magic tricks! Magic can build important social skills and self confidence.
              Appropriate for: any age person or group that needs to build social interaction skills and wants a means to engage others with a bit of magic fun and whimsy.

Team Building: Guided interactive activities to help people to learn (experientially)  the concepts of teamwork through fun, non-competative games.
             Appropriate for: Any age group that is looking to sharpen their team functioning. Great for sports teams looking to find a winning season, non-profit organizations like                 churches, youth groups, and church-councils, and businesses seeking a fun way to help their staff become more solidly teamed.    

Gentle Parenting:  A seminar on a parenting approach that emphasizes gentle, non-violent, yet firm and effective discipline of children.
               Appropriate for: Any parents, or professionals who want to learn how to train parents in a gentle and effective method of disciplining children.      

Child Protection: A seminar on recognition skills to assess situations and profiles of possible perpetrators that victimize children in all kinds of environments. Measures, policies, and practices for institutions to help keep kids safe. Animated by a Licensed Professional Counselor who is also an author on treating abused children.
              Appropriate for: institutions such as churches, sports programs, Scout programs, or any organized activities that focus on children.

Marriage Oil Change: A seminar for married couples on how to analyze problem areas and work in a positive fashion towards greater security, serenity, and satisfaction in their marriage.
             Appropriate for: churches, congregations that want to afford their married  members a state-of-the-art approach animated by a long time married, Licensed                               Professional Counselor with decades of ministry experience.    

Congregational Therapy:  Assessment, guidance, and direct therapeutic assistance for congregations that are going through or have gone through ministry crisis in their church, animated by a Licensed Professional Counselor and team with decades of ministry experience.   
              Appropriate for: congregations that have experienced spiritual abuse, scandal, or  tragedy with ministry staff or members.